How Do I Make A Homemade Wedding Arch?

How Do I Make A Homemade Wedding Arch?


Wedding is all about showcasing your personal style with inspiration. Definitely, the most magical moments are when the couple exchanges lifelong promises and starts the brand new chapter of life. To capture these intimate instants of exchanging vows, an appealing and alluring wedding arch festooned with the perfect décor accessories is surely the right preference. It also serves as a mesmerizing backdrop to seize the most unforgettable moments of your special day. Among many designs and structures, the geometrical arches are trending these days as they create a spectacular framework that certainly speaks for itself. Incorporating a hexagon wedding arch is a beautiful way to create a focal point and augment the setting. And if you want to decorate an arch for a wedding with seasonal flowers, flowy drapes, and various structures. If you are planning to build your own personalized hexagon wedding arch but wondering how do I make a homemade wedding arch? then fret not; with seasonal flowers, flowy drapes, and various structures, constructing a simple yet chic and appealing hexagon wedding arch is not challenging at all. Keep reading to discover the simple steps to build and decorate your personalized hexagon wedding arch.

hexagon wedding arches

Building Basic Structure:

Geometric structures like the hexagon wedding arches are very trendy and easy to construct at home. With some basic mathematical skills combined with creativity and power tools, you can create an enticing hexagon wedding arch that will enhance and elevate your wedding décor to a further level. First thing first, cut the wooden planks into the pre-measured pieces keeping in mind the dimensions of your arch. Preferably 60 degrees and 30 degrees angles planks construct an ideal size hexagon wedding arch. Remember the angles you cut must be a mirror image of each other. Make a rabbit hole using a circular saw to finally assemble the finely cut pieces using screws. Remember to make your arch strong and robust by giving it a base support. Give it a finished look with paint or wooden dye and let it dry for the next interesting step of decorating it. In case you find the construction process a bit complex, check out our online store efavormart for an opportunity to order a chic and stylish metal hexagon wedding arch that is easy to assemble and stunning in appearance.

Wedding Arch Decoration With Florals:

Since you have completed the creation process of your personalized wedding arch it’s time to accentuate the masterpiece with artificial flowers and greenery which complement your wedding theme as well as balance the outdoor aesthetics. The modern lines of the hexagon arbor when combined with the selected floral arrangement make for an eye-catching display. Luckily the wooden wedding arches don’t need massive florals as the visible wood serves as a part of the design and style. If you are planning for a traditional rustic wedding, then the possibilities are endless to dress up your hexagon wedding arch. Explore a wide range of lifelike flowers on our online store to take your arch décor to a whole new level. Select from cream roses, lavender lilies, eucalyptus garlands with ranunculus flowers or burgundy dahlias as per your theme and desire. Add richness with leaf garlands, rustic wooden lantern, LED candles and create a rustic-meets-modern display for your special day. For a garden-inspired wedding theme pull out a variety of hues like pink rose garland and white silk peony combined with green leaf garlands which depict happiness, love, and longevity for your new journey. Bringing flair with an organza wedding drape can add a sense of romance to your overall design.

Essential Supporting Elements To Safeguard Hexagon Wedding Arch:

The best thing about hexagon wedding arch is it can easily be dismantled and repurposed as a treasure from your special day but at the same time if not secured with some heavy-duty supporting accessories then there are chances of it tipping over any time during the ceremony. Although our stylish and elegant hexagon metal wedding arch comes with a robust base but if you are wondering how to secure your personalized homemade hexagon wedding arch then we have a bundle of supporting equipments to backup as well as to add a touch of character with asymmetrical accents. Keep some pots or planters on each side filled with some decorative stones, faux stems and artificial florals. Sandbags are another option to safeguard your hexagon wedding arch. With a wide range of flowy fabric, faux florals, leaf garlands, and much more, you will surely adore decorating your homemade hexagon wedding arch.


Certainly, hexagon wedding arch is a new trend that is in high demand these days but with these simple steps, you can easily create it at home with no burden on your pocket and style it with lovely decorating accessories for a phenomenal and flawless appeal. How did your homemade hexagon wedding arch turn out? Do share in the comment section below.