How Do I Pick A Wedding Decor?

How Do I Pick A Wedding Decor?


Wedding décor and wedding décor planning play a significant role once the wedding day is finalized as they can very well be the make or break elements of the ceremony. Efficient wedding décor planning and execution are the two differences between drab and fab wedding ceremonies and this is why the wedding decoration checklist comes in handy to keep things organized. But, this might make you ask yourself, how do I pick a wedding décor? And more importantly, what are the things to be included in a wedding checklist? Well, before we start finding out answers to both these questions, it is highly imperative to know that a wedding planning checklist is defined heavily by two factors. First, the venue where the wedding is planned, and secondly the things to be organized irrespective of where the wedding is taking place. Yes, the wedding checklist does look a bit different for indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies. But a big sigh of relief for any wedding planner will be visiting Efavormart. The exotic product line of décor items available here will help you take care of any wedding checklist with ease. So, let’s look at some creative ideas that will help you organize a wedding checklist and pull off a scintillating wedding ceremony.

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Smart Wedding Checklist for Indoor Wedding Ceremonies

Preparing a wedding decoration checklist is quite simple for an indoor wedding ceremony. While it is true that a checklist for wedding holds many items in it, categorizing them will prove quite efficient and helpful. An indoor wedding ceremony will require some planning about the floor décor, ceiling décor and the stage décor categories. Spread a Silver Mirrored Floor Wedding Aisle Runner and accentuate this décor look by beautifying the ceiling with stunning White Ceiling Drapes with Sheer Curtains and Hanging Gold Round Lanterns. The spectacular reflection of the ceiling décor on the aisle runner will mesmerize your guests with its captivating beauty. The next part of your floor décor wedding checklist will be the chairs and reception tables. Cover the chairs with the wondrous Red Rosette Spandex Covers in combination with Champagne Sashes for an enticing décor look. Including gorgeous décor items such as Accordion Crinkle Taffeta Tablecloth, Accordion Crinkle Taffeta Table Runner, Long Stem Cylinder Glass Vases and Mini Rose Flower Floating Candles to be part of your table décor will work like a charm. The last part of your indoor wedding checklist is the most important one; the stage decor. Bedeck the stage with an alluring Dusty Blue Velvet Backdrop Curtain or a Gold Velvet Backdrop Curtain and combine it with the Burgundy Organza Premium Curtain Panel to form a trendy alliance of vibrant colors. Beautify the ceiling part in front of the stage décor with Royal Blue Kissing Flower Balls to complete the setup with flair. And now to add the crown jewel to your stage décor, include a Heavy Duty Metal Gold Round Wedding Arch and adorn it with Royal Blue Chrysanthemum Flowers, Burgundy Chrysanthemum Flowers and Ivory Large Artificial Craft Roses. Every indoor wedding ceremony varies as per the couple’s wishes but having a common template of wedding decoration checklist will help you organize a chic look as a base and then improvise it with finesse.

Brilliant and Natural Looking Wedding Checklist for Outdoor Weddings

The main consideration in wedding checklist while going outdoors with your ceremony should be about how well you can gel the décor look with the natural ambience. Most of the outdoor weddings happen at the backyard or near a forest or by the beach shore. In all these ambiances, including rustic décor items as part of your wedding planning checklist will be great. Install a wondrous Heptagonal Wooden Wedding Arch and adorn it with Metallic Gold Artificial Ferns, White Natural Plume Feathers on one side of the arch and twirl a Peach Lush-Chandelle Turkey Boa on the other end. This décor setup will work like a magic in accordance with the natural ambience. And the wooden reception tables can be bedecked with Jute Burlap Lace Runner in combination with Natural Gauze Cheesecloth Table Runner, Gold Foiled Crackled Glass Bubble Vases filled with Natural Dried Assorted Potpourri Fillers. While going outdoors with your wedding ceremony, it will be great to have rain check done beforehand. And even if it won’t rain, you should probably be wary about the wind. In either case, using the White Flameless LED Votive Candles within the bubble vases will look trendy and phenomenal.

Wedding Checklist with the Essentials

And now coming to the very important part of the wedding checklist, which is to include the essential décor items no matter where the wedding ceremony is going to take place. Tableware and place setting will be the highest of priority in this category of your wedding planning checklist. For the indoor wedding ceremony, you can include the Clear Plastic Disposable Cups, Clear Disposable Champagne Flutes, White Plastic Serving Trays and Gold Rimmed White Dinner Plates along with Gold Foil Airlaid Paper Napkins. This trendy and chic looking place setting can look well indoors, while your wedding checklist can add natural eco-friendly version of cutlery items for the outdoor wedding ceremonies which gel well elegantly with the natural ambience.

So, are you still worrying and thinking deep about, how do I pick a wedding décor? Well, the perfect answer is to have a well-organized wedding checklist that will contain items according to the above mentioned categories. What you read here is just a basic template of a décor look that your wedding decoration checklist should contain but décor products belonging to other categories can also be included which is completely up to the couple yet to exchange the vows. And as always, we will be glad to know about your thoughts as comments on what else will you add as part of your wedding planning checklist for an astounding wedding ceremony.