How Do I Pick Colors For My Wedding?

How Do I Pick Colors For My Wedding?



Your wedding is undoubtedly the most beautiful and memorable day in your life and to make it look the best you put all your efforts. From decorations to food and of course the bridal dress there are plenty of important decisions that are to be taken. But before shopping for the decorations and choosing the bridesmaid dresses, there is one very important thing that needs to be confirmed and that is your wedding color palette. Since its your wedding, so the choice of the wedding color totally depends on your personal liking, but there are some aspects that are to be considered, like the season and the wedding colors that are trendy in that year. If you have short-listed some of your favorite palettes from the trending wedding color 2021, but are still wondering that, ‘How do I pick colors for my wedding’ that portrays my personal style, fret not, as we’re here to assist you on making that choice. To help you nail the perfect wedding color 2021, we are sharing some trending wedding color schemes, read along, and use them as the source of inspiration for your big day.

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Choice of Wedding Flowers!

No wedding decor is complete without some amazing flower arrangement, from ceremony, reception, and wedding bouquets to centerpieces and tabletop decor, they are all over the space imbuing a whimsical charm. The wedding color 2021 that you pick for your wedding flower arrangement should complement with the season that you are getting married in, if it’s a spring wedding the wedding colors for 2021 are on the softer and lighter pastel side like, blush, pink, lavender, blue, yellow, and sage green. The trending wedding colors for a fall wedding are the dark and rich ones like, burgundy, emerald green, red, navy, yellow, gold or orange and a mix of both soft & bold hues for a summer & winter weddings. The wedding color 2021 that you choose for your flower decorations must have all the seasonal blooms, but it is not must to have all those, using one of two accent colors will also help bringing a sense of season into your wedding.


Choice of Colors for Bride & Groom!

Wedding attires are one of the most beautiful part of a wedding, from the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s dresses to flower girl’s or ring bearer’s clothing and the parent’s attire, your choice of color must match with the rest of the theme. Soft and pastels tones, like blush, ivory, pink or lavender go for bridal gowns in almost all the season, whereas choosing nontraditional shades like red, blue, yellow, orange can be embraced as wedding gowns as they are one of the trending wedding colors 2021. For groom, wearing a plain black and white suit can be a bit of a drag, incorporate the wedding color 2021 that you have chosen for the bridal bouquet or wedding arch into your grooms wedding attire. Whether it’s a suit, a tuxedo or a nice blazer, make sure that it matches with the color palette of the wedding.


Color Choice for Fabric!

The very first thing that anyone notices in a wedding is the luxurious drapery, either it’s for backdrop curtains, aisle decor or table covers, the fabric that you employ ultimately set the overall look of your event. There is myriad of options for the type of fabric, but the choice of color has to go with the theme that you have set. Mostly the softer shades like white, ivory, blush & lavender go perfect for spring & summer weddings. For fall & winter weddings, take inspiration from the nature and infuse the vibrant shades of red, yellow, bright metallic gold or silver, even black, purple & burgundy are one of those trending wedding colors 2021 that will rock your wedding. Use your imagination to mix and match your favorite wedding color combinations and create your kind of wedding color 2021 to mark yourself as the best wedding planner of the year.


The wedding color schemes that you choose, help in setting the mood and creating a vibe for your big day, so make a perfect combination by picking the trending wedding color 2021 and let your wedding be the talk of the town. How did you find our choice of wedding colors for 2021? Do let us know in the box below!