How Do Professionals Decorate Christmas Trees?

How Do Professionals Decorate Christmas Trees?


Decking up a Christmas tree with shimmering accessories is undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts of decorating your space for the ultimate holiday season of the year. Whether you’re all about showcasing your festive spirit with grand and lavish Christmas decorations or you like to keep things simple and elegant, a beautifully decorated tree creates a much-needed focal point that elevates the holiday decorations to the next level. Although trimming the tree might sound like an easy and uncomplicated task, it is a bit more than just hanging a couple of baubles on the branches of your selected fir tree if you want your Christmas decorations to make a statement. Thus, to help you master the skill of beautifully styling your holiday tree, we’ve got the inside scoop on how do professionals decorate Christmas trees. So, just keep on reading and find out all the tips and tricks for decorating your tree like a pro!

Christmas tree decorations

Pick A Theme

Reusing embellishments from over the years might add a nostalgic touch to your tree decorations but piling on several ornaments in different colors and styles can make things a little confusing if not garish. Thus, most professionals start their Christmas tree decorations by deciding on a particular theme and a set of colors that’ll complement well with all the other holiday decorations at play. Although shimmering green and red ornaments are classic picks for the season, there’s no reason you can’t break out of the mold and try out something unique to give your tree a modish twist. Browse through our extensive range of decor supplies and get creative with your Christmas tree decorations but make sure whatever decorations you choose help you achieve a cohesive and coordinated display.

Kick Things Off With Christmas Lights

When it comes to choosing decorations for your Christmas tree, decking it up with hanging string lights is a no-brainer but adding them first makes it easier to arrange them. Start by coiling your chosen fairy Christmas lights (from the base of your tree) around the trunk and work your way up, weaving them onto the branches nearest to the trunk for an even look. Once you reach the crown, weave your way back down, arranging the lights further out on the branches to exude a gleaming allure.

Select The Right Decorations

While decking up your tree with lights sets the foundation for enchanting Christmas tree decorations, the ornaments are what make or break your festive display. Choosing accents that fit your theme and color scheme will help you achieve a cohesive design. Opt for a lovely mix of hanging holiday decorations, artificial flowers, feathers, and sprays, and creatively arrange them on your tree to play up your theme. However, it is also important to stand back after arranging a few decorations on the tree and make adjustments as you go to balance everything out.

Swathe It With Ribbons & Garlands

In case your tree is a bit sparse, the best trick to make it appear fuller is to layer it with lush greenery garlands and decorative ribbons. Although both wired and non-wired garlands and ribbons can be worked into the decor, we recommend using the wired ones as they are easier to sculpt into loops and hold in place. You can pair up different vines and ribbons to add contrasting texture and depth to your Christmas tree display or keep it simple with one type of ribbon and garland for an elegant appeal.

Finish Off With A Tree Topper

Crowning your Christmas tree with an eye-catching topper is the most important part to give a designer look to your tree. Keep the proportions of your tree in mind while choosing a topper for your tree and make sure it fits your theme and matches all the other Christmas decorations. You can opt for a gleaming gold metallic crown topper, a giant fancy ribbon bow, or you can even make your own topper using craft supplies if you’re feeling a little creative.

The Christmas tree is surely the most iconic element of the overall holiday decorations. Therefore, decorating it with utmost precision should definitely be on your checklist. We hope this blog has equipped you with all the tips and tricks of designing a tree like professionals. We would love to hear all about your tree decorating plans and ideas in the comments section below! Happy decorating!