How Do You Attach Flowers To Aisle Chairs?

How Do You Attach Flowers To Aisle Chairs?


The most magical part in any wedding ceremony is the one when the bride walks down the aisle looking breathtaking in her wedding gown. To make the aisle decorations for outdoor wedding even more captivating infuse some amazing colors and designs and give an instant visual appeal to your wedding photos. Flowers are an integral part of aisle decorations for outdoor wedding and while adorning the aisle runner and its surroundings with lovely floral, don’t forget to highlight the aisle chairs with them as well. Chair decoration is often an afterthought when decorating a wedding, but beautifully decorated aisle chairs play a significant role in tying together every aspect of your wedding, so make sure that you give your aisle decorations for outdoor wedding a magnificent appeal. There are plenty of ways to adorn the aisle chairs with flowers, but if you want to learn some simple yet highly stylish ones, read along and explore, ‘How do you attach flowers to aisle chairs’ to give a chic edge to your chair decorations.

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Know the Wedding Color Theme!

Your aisle chairs should be flaunting the same style as that of your overall wedding theme, so while decorating your aisle chairs make sure that you incorporate the same wedding color scheme that you have chosen for your special day. For instance, if you have opted for soft and pastel theme, we suggest fashioning your aisle chairs with elegant chair sashes. To make your aisle decorations for outdoor even more ravishing, arrange them horizontally or vertically, the choice is yours but do tie them from the end for a firm support and stylish look. For rustic theme weddings pick lace and burlap and make a beautiful but simple arrangement that will surely add flair in your aisle chairs.

Choice of Flowers & Greenery!

If you want your aisle decorations for outdoor wedding to stand out, dress up your aisle chairs with lovely floral arrangement and add a romantic effect and feel into the whole space. Your choice of flowers should be matching with the overall theme of the event, so add a design element into your aisle chairs by creating a cascading bunch of white blooms. You can also use soft peach and pale pink hues to create a floral swag and pairing your lovely floral arrangement with greenery garland with olives, palm leaves or eucalyptus leaves with white natural balls will imbue pure romantic vibes. No matter what kind of flower arrangement you choose for your wedding aisle chair decor, you don’t have to go over the top to create something extra ordinary, sticking to smaller arrangements will help make your aisle decorations for outdoor wedding look just as beautiful as something much grandeur.

What should be used to attach the flowers!

When you attach the flowers to the aisle chairs the only concern that comes across is, ‘will they stay at their place? as the guests will be sitting on them throughout the ceremony. Well, the common way of attaching these flowers is through special clips but they restrict your flower arrangement to the backs of the chairs in many situations. Using ribbons on the other hand broadens your choices, like for chairs that are not covered with fabric, using ribbons helps you attach flowers to aisle chairs. To enhance your aisle decorations for outdoor wedding, opt for satin and chiffon ribbon as they will work well, you can even choose any other material from our versatile collection of ribbons that matches your wedding theme. With these ribbons you can easily attach single stems, flower bouquets, or flower garlands to the chair backs or sides or check out our craft flower tools collection and give a perfect finishing touch to your aisle decorations for outdoor wedding.



Beautifully adorn your aisle chairs with flowers and let your floral chair swag create a dreamy, romantic, and elegant allure in your aisle decorations for outdoor wedding. We hope that now you know, ‘How do you attach flowers to aisle chairs?’ Do share your floral aisle chair decorations with us and don’t forget to comment in the box below!