How Do You Attach Tulle To a Wedding Arch?

How Do You Attach Tulle To a Wedding Arch?


A wedding arch is a scintillating décor addition to ceremonial celebrations like marriages where a couple takes center stage as they enter wedlock. The couple and the colorfully decorated wedding arch, especially a triangle wedding arch give way for wonderful photographs for the walls and photo books. And when we think about how to decorate the wedding arch to make it look rich, grand and royal, the most chic looking fabric comes as a saving grace. Yes, the tulle cloth. But, how do you attach tulle to a wedding arch? Well, Efavormart is a place where we will not just find the answer to this question but also many other gorgeous accessories that will help you attach the tulle fabric to a triangle wedding arch and decorate it. Without any second thoughts, let’s explore some interesting ideas.

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Backdrop Clamps

Backdrop clamps are one of the best accessories that help you attach the tulle to a wedding arch. Spread the tulle fabric along the body of the triangle wedding arch completely covering it or make a spiraling design over it revealing some parts of the arch. Then use the Heavy Duty Photography Backdrop Nylon Clamps or the White Pew Clips to hold the fabric from behind. The advantage of using these clamps is that they stay hidden because of their small size but hold the fabric nice and tight which elevates the grand appeal of the fabric over the triangle wedding backdrop.

Satin Ribbon Bows

The prominent presence of the tulle fabric at many weddings and celebrations is because of its gorgeous netted look. What if, you can make it even more stunning by adding another fabric on top of it to bedeck the triangle arch? Well, the answer to this question will answer the other important question as well which is, how do you attach tulle to a wedding arch? And the answer is satin. Yes, satin ribbons can be used to hold the tulle fabric in place over the triangle wedding backdrop. The Navy Blue Satin Ribbon and the Rose Gold Decorative Satin Ribbon bows will look stunning in combination with the tulle and thereby make the triangle wedding arch look imperial. If you prefer to add more chicness to your triangle wedding arch plans, then Orange Sheer Organza Wired Ribbon will be your best bet. The gracefulness of ribbons and the gorgeousness of tulle when combined together is sure to make the backdrop arch a splendid spectacle.

Decorative Tape

Just like ribbons, decorative tapes are wonderful accessories that hold the tulle fabric in place and elevate the decor of the triangle wedding arch. The Gold Washi Glitter Craft Decorative Tape will look tremendous on the tulle fabric with its glittery sheen while the Real Turkey Feather Fringe Trims with Satin Ribbon Tape will give an elegant flair to the arch decorations garnering everybody’s attention. Attaching tulle with these tapes is very easy but the noteworthy feature is they synchronize well with the triangle wedding backdrop décor making it look top notch easing your worries over the question of, how do you attach tulle to a wedding arch?


The tulle fabric is a marvelous accessory to elegantly decorate your triangle wedding arch. It adds extra flair and style to your arch elevating your wedding decorations tenfold. When considering how to further decorate an arch for a wedding, incorporating elements such as seasonal flowers, flowing drapes, and various lighting options like fairy lights or lanterns can transform your wedding arch into a breathtaking focal point. Additionally, integrating thematic elements that match your wedding palette and style can create a harmonious and captivating setup. Feel free to comment your thoughts below about how else would you accentuate your wedding arch decor!