How Do You Decorate A Memorial Table At A Wedding?

How Do You Decorate A Memorial Table At A Wedding?


A ceremonial celebration like a wedding becomes a joyous occasion when all your loved ones turn up at the venue to take part in the festivities. While some people show up physically, some special people connect with you emotionally through memories. And that is why having a memory table at wedding makes the ceremony extra special. But how do you decorate a memorial table at a wedding? Well, anything with a sentimental value will make your memorial table very special. With a premium range of décor products available on Efavormart, you can recreate stunning and extravagant memorial table ideas. Let’s now check out some creative tricks and ideas to know more about how to decorate a memorial table?

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A Subtle yet Sublime Photo & Dessert Display at the Memory Table

Anything that commemorates a person has to be nostalgic to make it special and that is what you should look for when decorating a memory table at your wedding. Use Heart Shaped Photo Frame Glass Coasters to showcase the special person in your heart on the memory table and gather a White Striped Natural Burlap Table Runner around the photos to gracefully highlight them. Moreover, a wedding party has lots of treats and delicacies for the guests to enjoy and hence you can make your memorial table decorations more special by including a 6 Tier Round Acrylic Glass Cup Cake Stand to serve the most favorite treats of your loved ones in heaven on your wedding day.

Choose a Rustic yet Natural Décor Theme

Choosing a rustic yet natural theme for your memorial table decorations will make it extra special. Spread a Faux Eucalyptus Flower Garland with Ivory Roses around the photo frames and place a Natural Grapevine Twig Wreath in honor of the deceased loved ones. Scatter Burgundy Silk Long Stem Roses on the table and further enhance the memorial table aesthetics with Metallic Gold Artificial Ferns and Natural Dried Assorted Potpourri. The memory table at wedding with such earthy yet striking decor accents can make your event decorations even more special while evoking memories of your dearly departed.

Illume the Memorial Table with Charming Lights and Candles

If natural and rustic themed memorial table decorations can add an idyllic flair to your wedding decor, then using charming and scintillating decor accessories for your memorial table setup can usher in a stunning and grand appeal. Elevate the decor of your memory table at wedding by spreading LED White Artificial Foam Rose Flower Garland Vines and place White Flameless LED Candles in front of the photo frames which will not just look warm and bright but it is also a fabulous way to pay tribute to your late loved ones. If you prefer to use decor accessories that will make your memorial table decorations look more extravagant, try placing the Clear Long Stem Cylinder Glass Vases filled with Rose Gold Mini Rose Floating Candles on the table to ooze elegant radiance. Using candles to decorate your memory table at wedding can be a wondrous way to remember your loved ones in heaven and while adding a spectacular glow to your memorial table.

The memories of lost loved ones are always fresh in our minds and hearts and so including decor accessories and things in your memorial table decorations that hold special meaning for you is a thoughtful way to remember a deceased loved one at your wedding. Do leave your thoughts and ideas as comments below on how else would you make your memorial table decorations look phenomenal.