How Do You Decorate an Arch for a Wedding?

How Do You Decorate an Arch for a Wedding?


There are two things that really set the vibes flying high in a wedding ceremony. Firstly, the charming and stunning attires that the bride and groom choose to wear. And second is the wedding arch that accompanies them with equal flair and finesse flaunting stunning décor statements. But, how do you decorate an arch for a wedding? Well, the answer is as creative and as artistic as possible but the best thing about creativity and artistry is that they do not follow a set pattern. Rather, it is fair to say that new patterns are set every time you try to be innovative. And being innovative is never a challenge with the exquisite lineup of décor products and wedding supplies that Efavormart offers. Having said that; let’s explore some innovative ideas about decorating an artistically designed hexagon wedding arch.

hexagon wedding arch

Flower Décor – Simplistic yet Scintillating!

So, how do you decorate an arch for a wedding? Well, the sheer presence of a hexagon shaped wedding arch is enough to make many eyes turn towards it purely for its grand standing nature. Having said that, can you just imagine the wondrous spectacle a hexagon wedding arch can pull off when it dazzles with some scintillating floral décor! Flowers symbolize charm and that is exactly what the White Artificial Silk Orchid Flower Stems and Navy Blue Chrysanthemum Artificial Silk Flowers bring forth to your hexagon arch décor. If you wish for some natural extravagance along, then the Cream Silk Rose Artificial Flower Garlands with Leaves and Burgundy Bendable Artificial Flower Garlands with Seeds and Leaves will fulfill your desires to perfection.

Fabric Décor – Bold Hues and Subtle Pastels!

The positivity of an event’s vibes and the popping colors present in its décor statements are directly proportional to each other. Speaking of which, fabric décor will help your hexagon wedding arch plans spring to life and bask in colorful glory. Some display bold vibrancy while others portray pastel subtlety but this erratic color tonal nature is what makes the Double Sided Lavender Tulle Backdrop Sheer Curtain, Dusty Blue Scarf Valance Wedding Drapery Fabric and the Dusty Rose Fire Retardant Sheer Organza Curtain look utterly gorgeous when wrapped around the hexagon wedding arch. The hues these fabrics exude will look delicate for your guests’ eyes but leave heavy impressions in their hearts.

Lighting Décor – Enlighten to Enliven!

Lights and event décor go hand in hand irrespective of time of the day as the event happens. Bright light décor being involved gracefully around the hexagon shaped wedding arch will look enlivening throughout the occasion. It not just enlightens the other décor products as part of your hexagon wedding arch plans but apparently the Battery Operated Clear Starry String Lights and Battery Operated Cotton Ball String Lights will make those photos look picturesque too. But if at all you prefer to go minimalistic yet modish on your hexagon wedding arch, then choose the Battery Operated LED Green Leaf Garland Fairy String Lights to twirl along with some chic fabric and flower bushes. This minimalistic approach will for sure fetch you maximum accolades.

Contemporary Décor – A Mix of All, Impresses All!

As we already mentioned once at the start, creativity and artistry do not follow patterns and more innovative you are, more creative you get. There are no said or written rules anywhere that define what to be present or not on a hexagon wedding arch while implementing your wedding arch plans. And to think out of the box while decorating the hexagon wedding arch will get you massive responses from your guests. Flower bushes have always been obvious choices when it comes to wedding arch décor. But having some faux plants in the form of Rhododendron Bush Flowering Artificial Hanging Plants, Echeveria Long Stem Artificial Succulent Plants and the Green Flexible Artificial Eucalyptus Stems tied to the hexagon wedding arch using some stunning Navy Blue Satin Ribbon forming bow shaped designs will be a sight that no one would expect but everyone will cherish admiring at the event. Similarly some White Latex LED Light Up Balloons and Rose Gold Real Turkey Feather Fringe Trims incorporated with your hexagon wedding arch plans will surely make your guests raise their eyebrows in awe!

After discussing some glorious décor ideas, it is time to ask again, how do you decorate an arch for a wedding? And the answer is; definitely not by following any rules but being innovative in making that hexagon wedding arch look mind blowing. And as always we would be happy enough if you can spare your thoughts in the comment section about anything and everything you would do differently to make your hexagon arch décor look top notch.