How do you Decorate an Outdoor Gazebo for a Wedding?

How do you Decorate an Outdoor Gazebo for a Wedding?


With summer in its full swing, many couples are getting themselves ready to host an amazing open-air wedding as the outdoors are providing some enchanting backdrops to charm their special day. In the current scenario, micro weddings are the best option and choosing an indoor wedding venue for that purpose is off the card. So, why not pick an outdoor location like a park, garden, backyard, or farm, for your wedding venue and create some amazing backyard wedding decorations that reflect the theme and aesthetic of your wedding. If you want your wedding to be the one to remember—choose your venue with a gazebo as it is a picturesque outdoor wedding idea. In this blog post, we have shared some cool ideas to guide you on, ‘How do you decorate an outdoor gazebo for a wedding?’ So, read along and make a style statement.

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Choice Of Cascading Fabric!

From customary octagon gazebo’s, contemporary covered porch styles, and modern gazebos atop swimming pools, there is a diversity of backyard wedding decorations style that you can opt for. Once you know the structure of your gazebo, make sure to pick the fabric that is not only elegant in looks but also dresses your gazebo in a flawless way. To help you wrap the posts or legs of the gazebo from the roof line, we offer our enticing collection of ceiling & drapes, simply attach the fabric at each top corner and drape it towards the middle point by fastening it along the sides. To create a cascading effect, choose tulle, silk or organza for your gazebo netting and add gorgeous dimension and a whimsical touch into your backyard wedding decorations.

Adorn With Seasonal Blooms!

The most entertaining and exciting part while planning backyard wedding decorations for a gazebo is that you can make your own unique styling and put your stamp on your wedding decor. Adding flowers into a gazebo backyard wedding decorations not only add elegance but also helps in creating an ethereal effect at dusk. These floral can be real or fake flowers and pairing them with ribbons and other embellishments will help you create a lovely floral backyard wedding decorations for your gazebo. Let your wedding gazebo bloom by adorning with these lovely floral to hide the tie-offs of the gazebo’s fabric or fix them in flower pots and hang as flower garlands and see how these lovely additions and enhancements will take your gazebo backyard wedding decorations to the next level of flamboyance and panache.

A Hanging Basket Decor!

Another beautiful way of decorating an outdoor gazebo for a wedding is by hanging lovely baskets as they add a layer of luxury into your backyard wedding decorations and look very romantic and sweet. These backyard wedding decorations with hanging baskets can be filled with real or faux floral, lush greenery, flower garlands, pom poms, branches, or any other decorative accents. Hanging these baskets above the table with flower bushes or single stems will help exude a gentle look, whereas hanging them around the edges of the gazebo will make your backyard wedding decorations look really wow and statement-like. Bring a breath of fresh air to your outdoor gazebo or backdrop with some beautifully decorated hanging baskets in colors that complement your design and the surrounding area and add an instant oomph factor.

Beautify with Lighting!

Well lighting plays a vital part in any wedding and when its about backyard wedding decorations for a gazebo, the reasons are more practical than decorative, as gazebos lack lighting, especially for weddings at dusk or on a cloudy day. Using string fairy lights, lanterns, or battery-operated candles will be a great choice as they can get dim and bright to create the desired effects that will help take better pictures of the couple and bridal party members. Use them on the roof and edges or on the pathway to your gazebo and see the magic it will create when the sun settles, and the sky gets darkens. Since, gazebos offer a small but distinct space which is perfect for wedding ceremonies, so make the loveliest of backyard wedding decorations with sparkling flames and create a magical ambience.


As you can see, decorating a gazebo for a wedding is an easy affair and is one of the most wonderful outdoor spots to hold weddings. With a little creativity, you can decorate it in an incredible way and bring the wedding of your dreams to life. We hope that with these lovely backyard wedding decorations you know exactly, ‘How do you decorate an outdoor gazebo for a wedding?’ If you have any other idea in mind, do share with us in the comment section below!