How Do You Decorate Artificial Grass Walls?

How Do You Decorate Artificial Grass Walls?


Artificial grass walls impart gorgeous and eye-soothing appeal to the surroundings and are very popular these days. They are also used to create fabulous backdrops and cover walls for large event decor adding a serene vibe to the ambiance. Whether your event is at an indoor or outdoor venue or has a particular theme, these fake grass wall coverings are versatile and help augment the aesthetics of the event decor exquisitely. So, if you’re looking for ideas about how do you decorate artificial grass walls, keep reading as below we’ve listed some amazing ideas to inspire you to elevate your large event decor in the most surreal manner.

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What Are Grass Walls Called?

Grass walls are also known as vertical gardens or living walls that are made of synthetic fibers and imitate the look of real foliage. They are lightweight and compact thus making them easy to install on most of the vertical spaces. Fake grass wall coverings are an extremely popular choice to spruce up the home interior and large scale event decor infusing nature and beauty with style. With grass walls, you can add a pop of color to your space and they are available in different styles like artificial boxwood hedge small leaves faux foliagesilk rose flower wall panels, and white hydrangea wall panel that’ll impart a dreamy allure to the event decor.

How To Install Grass Wall Panels?

To utilize artificial turf for event decoration you need to first know how to install them to create spectacular backdrops. Well, the faux grass wall coverings available at efavormart are durable, dense, and consist of leaves with plastic netting that is flexible, easy to cut, and is attachable to most of the surfaces. So, all you need to do is to measure the wall or area you’re planning to cover with grass panels and then cut them according to the measurement. Next, fasten the grid to the wall or the backdrop stand and then attach the panels that feature interlocking connectors for easy installation. Here are a couple of ideas on how to decorate your space with artificial grass panels.

Lively Grass Wall Panel Backdrop Ideas

Breathe liveliness and freshness into your festivity by designing a stunning backdrop with artificial grass wall panels. Whether, you want a backdrop for a birthday party, bridal shower, wedding, or any other celebration, our revitalizing grass wall backdrops will add a lively and ethereal vibe to the event decor. Create striking backdrops with our collection of floral & greenery panels and add a personalized unique touch by further enhancing their appeal using giant foam flowers, garlands & vines, balloons, sheer curtains, and fairy string lights according to your party event decorations for a mesmerizing setup.

Unique Decor With Grass Wall Panels

With grass wall covering you can do fabulous event entrance decorations and one great idea is to cover column stands with grass panels positioning them on both sides of the pathway and draping white drapery fabric for an enticing allure. Also, flaunt bunches of pretty blooms on top of columns for an outstanding entry decor. Whereas, to take Instagram-worthy pictures at your birthday or bridal shower, create a gorgeous photo phone booth. Install a pink telephone booth and cover its back wall with assorted silk flower wall panels and stylishly arrange a bunch of gorgeous blush, cream, and pink assorted flowers on the door exuding glamour and grandeur. Moreover, you can creatively cover the bare walls of your venue using fake grass wall panels in a natural, modern, and stylish way!

Artificial grass wall panels add a contemporary and modern touch to your large event decor. So, how are you going to decorate with grass wall panels? Do share your ideas with us in the comments box below!