How Do You Determine What Size Tablecloth You Need?

How Do You Determine What Size Tablecloth You Need?


Whether it’s a formal event or a casual gathering, the very first thing that people notice is how the party tables are dressed up. Your choice of tablecloth is that one important decision that can either make or break your table aesthetics, so make sure to pick the perfect tablecloth for your tables and make an impressive impression on your guests. Table covers come in a plethora of shapes and sizes which might give us a hard time finding a suitable tablecloth size. To determine tablecloth sizes, you need to know the dimensions of your table in both width and length, but if you don’t have time for all these calculations, fret not! We are here to make things easier for you, we are sharing some easy ways that will guide you better on how do you determine what size tablecloth you need. Read along and grasp the ideas!


Consider The Shape Of Your Table!

Tables vary in shapes, they can be round, square, or rectangle, which make their diameter, length, and width, differ too. There are a few things to remember while determining the size of your tablecloth.

For a square table, the length and width coincide, so measure one of the sides and decide on the drop and multiply the drop length by 2. Everyone has their own style of draping the tables, so if you have a 42 x 42-inch square table, and want a 15″ drop, multiply 15 by 2 and add 42, that’s how you get a 72 x 72 inches square tablecloth.

For round tables, you simply have to know the diameter by measuring the center of your table from one end to another. If your table is 60″, then our 120″ round tablecloth with 5ft floor-length will be the perfect pick.

To find the tablecloth size for a rectangular table, know the dimensions of the table first. If its length is 72″ and width is 30″, then you need a drop of 12 x 12 inches, so, the needed dimensions for your rectangle tablecloth will be 45 x 96 inches.

Cocktail tables come in standard size with wavy and plain designs, so if it's a wavy cocktail tablecloth with a height of 43″, choose a standard tablecloth that will also fit smaller size cocktail tables with past floor length draping. Choose our plain spandex cocktail tablecloth that fits 24″-36″ diameter 2 - 3ft x 42″ tall (3.5ft) cocktail table.

Decide On The Drop!

Once your tables are measured, decide on the amount of linen that should be hung down from the edge of the table. The drop greatly impacts the appearance of your table, and it also varies in accordance with the style of the event. For instance, if it is a food and catering event where guests need comfortable sitting, an 8-inch drop is the perfect call. For formal events where a slender and upscale look is needed, a longer drop like 10-12 inches will make you achieve a moral formal appearance. For a grandeur wedding or an upscale banquet, a tablecloth that elegantly touches the floor is used and for that, it is advisable to go for a 30-inch drop.

Consider Our Tablecloth Chart Size!

A tablecloth size chart is a powerful tool for finding the right size for your table cover, the first thing you should do before checking it is to measure your tabletop. Mostly the standard tables are 30 inches high and vary in diameter, length, and width. Finding the right tablecloth sizes through a tablecloth size chart might be a little confusing for some, so to make it easy for you we have got you covered with our Tablecloth Size Chart, which will make finding the right tablecloth sizes a cinch. Choose the fabric for your tablecloth and use a ruler or a measuring tape to find the width and the length. To find the exact size tablecloth, simply visit our tablecloth section, where you will find an amazing range of table linens, designs, shapes, & sizes. Use our handy Round Tables and Rectangular Size Chart Tables to figure out what size you need and have a better understanding.


We hope that now you have a good understanding of how do you determine what size tablecloth you need. Our online store is a reputable manufacturer of the high-quality tablecloth, we offer an immense range of inexpensive tablecloths and by consulting our tablecloth size chart for the needed dimensions, determining the size of your tablecloth will become as easy as a piece of cake. Was this article useful to you? If you have any other queries, please mention them in the comments below!>