How Do You Do A Cheap Backyard Wedding?

How Do You Do A Cheap Backyard Wedding?


Wedding is the unification of two lovely souls deciding to be together for the rest of their lives. As we are already into mid fall, planning a backyard wedding would be an exceptional experience as it is more opportune, inventive and above all doesn’t cost you a fortune. Sharing your home with your loved ones and making them feel relaxed and comfortable in the most welcoming way is the best part of at-home wedding. From planning lovely backyard wedding decorations to transforming the venue according to your mood and desire is truly a fun-filled experience. Backyard wedding decorations play a dynamic role in planning the overall aesthetics of the event as no place is more intimate than your own sweet home. There are unlimited possibilities other than only opting for rustic setup when it comes to planning a backyard wedding. The space can be converted into a visually appealing venue with your originality and few low budget DIY backyard wedding decoration designs. If you wish to give your decorations an innovative twist but thinking how do you do a cheap backyard wedding with a limited budget, then fret not! We have gathered few interesting backyard fall wedding ideas to bedeck your venue in the most inspiring way.

backyard wedding decorations

Elevate the Entrance!

Make your walk down the aisle moments the memorable ones as you will be making a unique entry and an impactful exit as a the most loved couple of the event. You would surely love to add some unique decorations to your aisle which are classy, romantic and must be budget-friendly. Our glittery wedding aisle runner will instantaneously transmute your simple aisle into a gorgeous carpet base. Available in vivacious shades to match your theme, these sparkling aisle runners are a great way of adding an instant visual appeal. To amplify passion and elegance, have the satin silk rose petals along both the sides of the aisle. Bring a design element to the ground by lining the aisle with greenery or candles. Placing small silk flower arrangement at every row with equal distance will certainly impress your invitees as they look forward to the ceremony. You can also opt for some seamless additions like wedding columns, pedestal floral vase and pillars to enhance your settings and make your own royal entry which will be reminisced for long.

A Touch Of Glamour And Class!

Adding some scintillating lights should be the first preference while planning fall backyard wedding. You can always illume your venue with some additional sparkles without exceeding your budget. If you are looking for some trendy and classy luminaries, explore the newest variety at our online store to create the most romantic ambiance for your upcoming wedding. Let everyone hear your vows in the most vibrant way with our exquisite marquee letter lights. Whether you want to highlight your initials, or use them to express your love, in your own intimate way, these dazzling lights will add festivity and radiance to your décor. Create few glimmering viewpoints at the venue with curtain fairy lights for charismatic appeals. Select from our festive collection of LED lights, string LED lights and fairy Led string lights to add extra brilliance and dreamy vibes to your backyard wedding décor.

Let the Memories Last!

Backyard wedding is all about fitting your diverse guest list in a perfect frame of love and togetherness. Delight your guests and keep them engaged throughout the ceremony by creating a photo booth or picture area to capture the fun moments of the event. Our hexagonal metallic arch when combined with opulent greenery will uplift your celebrations and invite you to capture the loveliest moments of the day that will be cherished for long. Our lively balloons would be a great addition to bring a hint of fun and colors to your lovely snaps. Choose your desired area to place our heptagonal photo booth for some perfect clicks and let everyone capture the happy moments and remember these fancy visuals days after the festivities are over.

Undoubtedly, your wedding day is all about your style, preferences and creativity, and when incorporated with our wedding decoration, they will surely make your backyard wedding the most magical one. How did you like our ideas and inspirations about backyard wedding decoration for cheap? Do share your interesting backyard wedding decoration ideas in the comment section below.