How Do You Make A Heart Ornament?

How Do You Make A Heart Ornament?


Whether you love updating your decor according to the changing seasons and upcoming holidays or you need to feed your creative soul frequently with crafting projects, Valentine's Day offers another excuse to unleash your artistic skills and decorate your space with alluring DIY accents and decorations. And since hearts are synonymous with all things love and romantic, creating DIY hearts for Valentine’s Day decorations is a no-brainer. Thus, if you’re on the lookout for the best Valentine's Day gifts to steal your beloved’s hearts once again or you’re planning to go all out with your V-Day decor this year to proclaim your love for the queen or king of your heart, try your hand at some heart-shaped crafts to bring in the holiday charm. Sounds good but not sure how do you make a heart ornament? We’re here to help! We’ve rounded up some easy yet eye-catching ideas to whip up some charming looking hearts for Valentine's Day. So, just keep on scrolling and prepare to spread love, hearts, hugs, and kisses all around you!

Valentine's Day Heart Decorations

Sparkling Hearts For Valentine's Day

If you’ve been meaning to tell your loved one that he/she holds a heart of gold, take it up a notch and craft a diamond heart to convey your message most stylishly and adorably. Opt for our mini heart tags or use silver glittery foam sheets to create your own heart-shaped base and creatively adorn them with varying-sized self-adhesive rhinestones for easy yet dazzling Valentine's Day paper heart decorations. You can also stick these shimmering hearts on your bag to add that scintillating oomph factor to your date night ensemble or place them on each dinner plate to effortlessly accentuate your Valentine's Day table setting to a whole new level of alluring elegance.

DIY Floral Heart Wreaths

There is no denying that flowers and hearts are two of the most commonly used motifs to usher in a romantic vibe, so how about you combine the two to craft something that is perfect for the love-filled holiday? This Valentine's Day, whip up some heart-shaped floral wreaths to ignite the passion like never before. Shape a round Styrofoam disc into a heart shape and hollow it out to make the base of your wreath. Next, adorn it with a gorgeous mix of different pink and red artificial flowers creating a stunning floral heart wreath that is bound to take your valentine’s breath away. Moreover, loop in a shiny blush organza and satin ribbon to easily hang it on your door or wall.

In case you’re not too keen on working with Styrofoam, shape our mini leaf wired vine into a heart and coil mini pink, fushia, and red roses around it to make a beautiful, dainty-looking Valentine’s Day wreath. You can also craft mini wired vine wreaths and string them using craft wire creating a lovely hanging garland for your mantelshelf decor.

Hearty Valentine's Day Tree Decorations

Christmas isn’t the only holiday when you can decorate the tree with ornaments— Valentine's Day is also a great opportunity to use the tree once again and deck it up with heart ornaments to uplift the festive spirit. You can either hang red, pink, and ivory-colored paper heart tags on your tree branches as your ornaments using fancy ribbons or dangle heart-shaped balloons to pep up your decor. Also, suspend some heart-top bubble tubes from your tree branches using clear craft wire to add a whimsical charm to your celebration.

Apart from being great decor elements, heart ornaments also make the perfect Valentine's Day gifts and keepsakes that will surely be treasured forever by your loved ones. How are you going to decorate your space for the day of love? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!