How Do You Make An Arch Flower Arrangement?

How Do You Make An Arch Flower Arrangement?


The most beautiful moment in a wedding ceremony is when the two love birds stand next to each other and make promises of lifetime togetherness. To make this candid moment of exchanging vows more appealing and magical, an enticing wedding arch laden with pretty flowers is what you need. If you want to make your wedding arch look absolutely stunning and a little over the top, we recommend choosing a hexagon wedding arch, as its unique design will take your contemporary wedding ceremony to new heights. Modern couples embrace the hexagon wedding arch for aesthetic taste and if you are one of those and are wondering, How do you make an arch flower arrangement that is relatively easy but highly professional in look, we’ve got you covered! Read along and find some simple ways to make stunning flower arrangement on a hexagon wedding arch without breaking the banks.

hexagon wedding arch

Tying the overall look and feel of your wedding day together, hexagon shaped wedding arches are one of those décor elements that serve as stunning backdrops and the most photographed and treasured part of a wedding. With different structures, styles, and array of flowers options, choosing from where to start designing a hexagon wedding arch is a tricky call. Let’s have a quick view on how to make a floral diy hexagon wedding arch with the right supplies.


Set The Structure!

The first and foremost step of setting up a wedding arch is to choose a heavy-duty backdrop stand that could give a robust base for an epic backdrop for your celebration. We offer our heavy duty double sided wooden hexagonal arch & gold metal hexagonal wedding arch that are sturdy in formation and their frames can be used to create most mesmerizing wedding floral arches. Crafted from tough, premium quality wood in sturdy double-sided style, our wooden hexagon wedding arch will make a beautiful structure for your floral arch and will teleport you and your invitees to the land of joy and jubilancy. If you opt for our metal hexagon wedding arch, its firm base and frame will provide a safe, secure, and sturdy structure for your flower arrangement whether they are heavy or light!

Choice Of Flowers & Greenery!

A floral wedding arch creates a magical fairyland feel in a wedding ambiance and accentuates the beauty of the ceremony in the most enticing manner. Choosing fresh flowers for wedding arch can be therapeutic but might be a costly affair. If you want to stay in budget, we recommend browsing through our collection of artificial flowers & greenery and create realistic-looking flower arrangement for your hexagon shaped wedding arches.

Flowers For Themes

For rustic wedding arch, choose cream roses, peach & coral peonies, lavender lilies, white baby breaths with burgundy dahlias and plenty of leaf garland.

For a garden theme, create a magical fairyland ambiance by dangling pink and white wisteria vines from the hexagon wedding arch along with red roses and willow green leaf garland,

For a classic one, arrange eucalyptus garland with ivory roses and embrace your contemporary taste by adding palm leaves, dried ferns with pink and white flower garland into your hexagon wedding arch.

Flowers For Seasons

For winter wonderland wedding arch, choose ice blue and lavender rose flowers and for summer nuptials, embrace the warm hues like reds, pinks & yellow. Create an orange baby breaths & blush mum flower hexagon wedding arch décor for your fall wedding and ooze romantic vibes into your spring wedding by adorning your wedding arch with peach, blush & cream peonies with a tinge of green leaf spray.

How To Arrange Flowers?

Arranging flowers on a hexagon wedding arch is also an art and need a balanced approach, as it will make or break your hexagon shaped wedding arch decor. Create a balance by adorning flower bunches in even amount on each side of the wooden arch and if you want a denser flower arrangement to satisfy your aesthetic taste, we suggest filling your hexagon wedding arch completely with flowers. The beautiful floral installation on a hexagon wedding arch adds magnificence to the display and give your ceremony space a whimsical and glamorous look.

How To Attach Flower?

Inserting floral on a hexagon shaped wedding arches is another tricky part, but with right supplies you can add wonders into your wedding arch décor. Use floral foam bricks as they will hold strongly and will give a firm support to your fake flowers and greenery arrangement. Pew clips, nylon backdrop clips, foam bouquet holders, decorative tape & ribbons are those amazing affordable accessories that prevent your garlands from falling off even after the event ends and let you create faultless flower arrangement on hexagon shaped wedding arches. While attaching flowers on hexagon wedding arch make sure that all these accessories are completely hidden by tulle, flowers & greenery.


Follow these guidelines and create a professional looking hexagon wedding arch with floral and make it look as lively and charming as your marriage. Let us know how you find this blog post? Will be looking forward to your comments in the box below!