How Do You Make Christmas Garland Look Fuller?

How Do You Make Christmas Garland Look Fuller?


The most beautiful and magical Christmas season is here. A time when everyone wants to be in a place that is festive, bright, and mesmerizing! Make your humble abode an emblem of fun and festivity by decking it out with cheerful Christmas decorations and make the most out of this festive time of the year. Everyone has their personal style when it comes to Christmas decorations, but some basic embellishments are there in every house. A festive Christmas garland is one of those beautiful Christmas decorations that are fundamental; they elevate the elegance of your fireplace mantel, staircase, front porch, Christmas tree, entryway, or any other favorite spot in the house and ooze Christmassy vibes all around. Everyone has their way of adorning these cheerful Christmas garlands, some like to have these beauties in a lighter look while others make efforts for a fuller one. If you are looking for some easy ways on, how do you make Christmas garland look fuller, sneak peek at our Christmas decorations ideas and learn some interesting tips to give your Christmas garland a denser look!

Christmas Decorations

Fireplace Mantel Christmas Garland

Decorating the fireplace mantel with Christmas decorations is one of the most loveable parts, as it instantly infuses that perfect Christmas feel and serves as a focal point. There are many beautiful Christmas decorations that spruce up the look of your fireplace mantel and a lush green Christmas garland hanging down from the mantel is that one essential decoration that no one can ever miss. If you are looking for an opaquer Christmas garland for your mantel, we are at your service with our life-like eucalyptus boxwood leaves green garland, willow frosted green leaves garland, willow frond leaves green garland, eucalyptus leaves garland with white cotton balls, & popular leaves garland. These lush faux foliage will give a grandeur look to your fireplace mantel, adding fairy lights, mirror balls, candles, lanterns, pearl spray, wreaths, & Christmas figurines will exhibit that perfect Christmas charisma and will give your home a celebratory feel.

Christmas Staircase Decor

A beautifully decorated staircase attached with Christmas garland set the tone for any home at Christmas. Either you wrap the garland around the handrail or swag it in a long or shallow style, these beautiful Christmas decorations will be the first thing people will notice when they’ll enter your home. To ooze those perfect Christmassy vibes to your banister, attach our ivy green leaves garland, fake ferns, cloverleaf garland, or willow green leaves, and make them look fuller by further adorning them with fairy lights, Christmas balls, Christmas bells, pinecones, ribbons, gold leaf garland, & kissing balls. The perfect way to achieve that denser look is to build up the layers of the green leaves garland, so while decorating your staircase with Christmas garland make sure to use plentiful foliage. Giving your hallway a swoon-worthy appeal, a beautifully decked up staircase with Christmas garland will be a delightful indoor Christmas decoration.

Christmas Tree Garland

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree gives an extra gorgeous, sparkly, and Christmassy feel to a Christmas home. Natural Christmas trees are thick and lush green, but not all can afford to have ones, to make your fake Christmas tree look more natural and greener, add green leaf garlands and create a fuller effect. Start from the bottom back of your Christmas tree and wrap the garland around and go up slightly as you go around. Fill the gaps by enfolding olive branch garland, willow & frond leaves garland, eucalyptus garland, & led green leaf garland around the branches and infuse star crystal garland, tinsels, ribbon sequential lights, pinecones, ribbons, jingle bells, wine corks, seashells, moss balls, paper garland, or any of your favorite Christmas decorations to create a magnificent thicker-looking Christmas tree.

Christmas Garland & Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are those beautiful Christmas decorations that make a house look festive and merry. Creating a festive Christmas wreath isn’t tough, you simply need the seasonal trimmings to bring the magical Christmas flair. Adorning a wreath with Christmas garland can be so satisfying, you simply have to wrap up the green leaves garlands along with your favorite decorations. Choose our wreath frames and adorn them with green wreath rings, eucalyptus boxwood leaves green garland, ivy green leaves garland, or willow & frond leaves garland to create some thick and lush green Christmas wreaths. With all the lovely Christmas add-ons along with the Christmas garland, make amazing Christmas wreaths and create a classic holiday look in no time.


Incorporating Christmas garland creatively in your Christmas decorations will instantly spruce up your Christmas home. We hope that our ideas of making Christmas garland look fuller were interesting and would let you assemble some beautiful Christmas decorations within no time quite effortlessly. We’re sure that you will have lots of fun while decorating your Christmas garland. We would love to hear how you make your Christmas garland look fuller. Do share your ideas with us in the comment section below!