How Do You Set Up A Wishing Well?

How Do You Set Up A Wishing Well?


A wedding wishing well is a fancy donation box that is put up on bridal showers to collect monetary gifts, wedding wishes, and messages of congratulations for the guests of honor. An increasing number of couples these days choose to set up a wishing well at their wedding as they want to collect cash instead of traditional gifts. Are you keen to have a wedding wishing well ceremony but have no idea about it? No worries. We will first explain wedding wishing wells and then address the often-asked question, how do you set up a wishing well? As you learn how to set up a beautiful wishing well for your wedding, you can use it and ask your guests to drop off checks or cash into the well.

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Setting an Online Wedding Wishing Well

An online wedding wishing well is the same as a physical wishing well, except it is online. It is set up similarly to an online gift registry. Once you have set up an account, you can inform your guests that you have an online wishing well and present them with the link. The link can be used by the guests to transfer funds electronically.

Setting Up Physical Wedding Wishing Well

The physical wishing well can be a simple basket, a decorative box, a wooden box, or any other metal box customized to match the wedding theme. Whether you choose to make the wedding wishing well on your own from scratch or prefer to buy a ready-made box of your liking from the market and customize it for the purpose, it is a good opportunity to showcase your artistic talent. You have an abundant choice when it comes to selecting a suitable box from the market. For instance, our clear acrylic pedestal risers, rustic galvanized metal buckets, and square planter boxes perfectly fit the bill. They can be easily converted into perfect wedding wishing wells with a little bit of creativity and ingenuity. Cover exteriors of these items with gold metallic foil sheets and partially fill interiors with different wedding supplies like red scented rose soap party favors, fushia large acrylic ice bead vase fillers, and DIY craft unity sand. Tie decorative ribbons around the middle part of the wishing well box to enhance its appeal. Use our customizable gold stickers alphabets and chalk markers to indicate the box is a wedding wishing well. Your wedding wishing well is ready.

Select a Safe Place for your Wedding Wishing Well

Once the wedding wishing well is ready, place it anywhere where it will easily capture the attention of guests, and at the same time, it is not vulnerable to wilful or unintentional damage from the public. It is a smart idea to put envelopes and a pen on the table adjacent to the wedding wishing well as some people may forget to put their money in “Thank You Envelopes”. Place a roll of round thank you stickers and blue stickers on the table and let the cash from guests come in.

We have seen that there is no dearth of boxes that can be easily converted into magnificent wedding wishing wells. A simple trunk made of wood or iron will also do wonders when moulded into a perfect shape. A perfectly crafted wedding wishing well will add a new dimension to your wedding and provide a sense of delight. We hope you are no longer concerned about “how do you set up a wishing well?” and have made up your mind to try wedding wishing well in an upcoming event.