How Many Colors Should A Wedding Have?

How Many Colors Should A Wedding Have?


When you are making a choice for your wedding colors, there are plenty of options to pick from that can be a little confusing. While planning out your wedding details infusing too many wedding colors can make any color palette look incoherent, whereas too less can leave you without choices. The best way to make a perfect wedding color combination is by choosing two to five wedding colors and use them in your wedding apparels, flower arrangements and overall decorations. If you are looking for some cool and impressive wedding colors but are not sure, ‘How many colors should a wedding have?’ Treat yourself as we have short-listed some of our favorite wedding colors that you can use as a source of inspiration for your big day. Keep reading and select the wedding colors that truly match your personal style.

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How Many Wedding Colors for Attires?

Choice of wedding colors for the bride’s gown is the most important one as it’s her special day where she has to look her best. To make it look elegant and charismatic, mostly brides opt for one color for their wedding dress that appeals to them the most and carry wedding bouquet in the colors that goes with the overall theme. The wedding colors choice for the bridesmaid and groomsmen dresses can be the ones matching with the wedding theme, for instance, if the attires are in pastel pink, add two to three wedding colors in their attire’s accessories, like navy blue can be used in men’s ties, bridesmaid gown belt or they can also be dressed up in floral print. For flower girl, picking lavender or soft peach as colors for wedding will imbue cheerful vibes. Rainbow weddings are also a great theme if you want to add plenty of wedding colors in your event, for that letting each attendant wear a different color of the same gown can be an interesting idea to use several colors in a wedding.


How Many Wedding Colors In blooms!

Flowers either carried as wedding bouquets, used in aisle decor, table centerpieces, or in overall arrangement bring a natural charm and refreshing beauty in a wedding ceremony. The undeniable vibrancy and cheerful charm of these colorful blooms add a dash of elegance and panache, so while creating lovely floral decorations for your wedding, make sure that you arrange a lovely bunch of colorful blooms matching with your wedding theme. Create cascading bunch of flamboyant buds by combining at least four to five wedding colors that will not only delightfully complement your theme but also exude refreshing vibes. Mostly soft hues like pink, blush, cream, duty rose, lavender, peach flowers are used along with greenery for making amazing wedding floral arrangement. A wedding bouquet featuring single wedding color might give your wedding a boring feel, infuse pretty blooms in different wedding colors and spread the magical floral aura all around.


Wedding colors for fabric!

If you want to adorn your wedding venue with unique wedding colors, combine black & white wedding colors, as they are popular nowadays. Try draping your wedding backdrop with black & white backdrop curtains and to make it look more vibrant and classier, accent it with pink or red embellishments. Create some elegant decorations with flowers & candle lights highlighting your chosen wedding colors and give your wedding backdrop a magnificent allure. Dressing up the tabletops with lovely black tablecloth and further accenting them with sparkling table centerpieces and place settings in gold, red, or pink, will give a stylish appeal to your wedding and will match perfectly with the wedding colors that you have opted for.


Wedding is a colorful event and thus needs some amazing wedding colors to elevate its beauty, so while planning for your wedding colors scheme make sure that you have two or more of them as they will make your venue look more opulent and captivating. We hope that in this blog post you have found some inspiration and guidelines about, ‘how many colors should a wedding have?’ Do share your opinions with us in the comment section below!