How Much Do Party Decorators Charge?

How Much Do Party Decorators Charge?


Birthdays are one of the very special celebrations that are always fun and thrilling, and everybody wishes to make the birthday of their beloved people as memorable as possible. The best way to celebrate this moment is to plan an outstanding and unique birthday party to show your affection and cherish the happy moments together. But sometimes planning a birthday party could be overwhelming especially when you have a specific budget for the party decorations. So, you might wonder how much does a birthday party decoration cost or how much do party decorators charge? It can cost anywhere from $60 to $80 per hour. To make your birthday party planning easier, consider visiting a party supply store near me where you can find a wide range of decorations, balloons, and other supplies to suit your budget and theme. We’ve listed some budget-friendly party decoration ideas below. 

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Essential Birthday Decorations

Balloons, table linens, centerpieces, and cake stands are considered essential birthday party decorations, so use them in an interesting manner for outstanding birthday decor. Start your decorations by creating a backdrop as it serves as a focal point that instantly grabs everyone’s attention. To make a backdrop you can place a vinyl backdrop that matches your theme or use fringe foil curtains, crepe paper streamers, name cutouts with some large flowers or set a happy birthday banner with a balloon arch for a fabulous backdrop decor. Next are party table decorations that play a significant role in jazzing up the ambiance, so beautify the dessert table with pretty a tablecloth, table skirt, or a runner and arrange tabletop accents like flowers, vases, and candle holders to impart a majestic charm to the birthday decor. Moreover, elevate the look of your cake with a lovely birthday cake topper and flaunt it on a gorgeous cake stand to give a glamorous appeal to the cake display.

DIY Birthday Decorations

If you want to add a personalized and unique touch to your birthday celebration decorations, consider crafting decorations that require things you already have at home – it'll also help you save some money. Interested in making a balloon arch do it yourself? Start by inflating balloons in various colors and sizes, then attach them to a flexible balloon strip or wire frame, shaping it into an arch. Secure the balloons tightly and adjust the placement until you achieve the desired look.

You can also craft adorable unicorns with paper lanterns and arrange tulle fabric, paper cones, flowers, and paper eyelashes to emulate a unicorn. To make cute ice-creams for the birthday decor, use honey comb pom poms and attach paper cones to them. Create lovely vases to display your flowers by using empty mason jars you already have and paint them or stick glitter on them to make gorgeous pocket-friendly vases. Moreover, convert your balloons into hot air balloons with mini paper buntings and paper baskets for stunning party decor.

Organize Fabulous Birthday Party At Home

Arranging a birthday party at home is fun and exciting and this way you can show affection to your loved ones. To host a successful birthday bash, be creative and plan everything ahead of time to pull everything together with affordable birthday party supplies. First, decide where you want to organize the party indoor or outdoor, then select the theme or if there is no particular theme opt for decorations to create a festive ambience. If you are planning an indoor party, there are many amazing party decorations ideas to make your celebration outstanding and unforgettable. You can make a backdrop using foil fringe and sheer curtains, balloons, or fairy string lights. To glam up the dessert table, opt for a table skirt or sequin tablecloth and set apothecary jars along with cardboard cake stands to display the treats gorgeously. However, for an outdoor backyard birthday, use colorful hanging party decorations like paper lanterns and pom pom flowers to add a cheerful vibe to the decor.

Unique Birthday Decor Ideas

Impart a spectacular appeal to the birthday decor with unique party decorations. For instance, if you want to host a party for your little girl you can arrange a dreamy butterfly themed party at home with some stunning decorations. Adorn the dining table with a pink tablecloth and position wood slices in the middle to display the treats. Furthermore, scatter moss around them and arrange pink and purple roses in small cement pots for a gorgeous appeal. Also, to enhance the decor further place fern, pots, and suspend purple butterflies from the ceiling over the table to exude an enchanting allure. Thus, use decorations in creative ways to create some amazing budget-friendly birthday setups.

To organize a birthday party on a small budget, paying attention to the little details can make a big difference. Opt for party decorations that are affordable yet effective in enhancing the overall ambiance of the celebration. Whether you're planning a lavish affair or a cozy gathering, setting a budget for your birthday party decorations is essential.

Looking for a party supply store near me for budget-friendly options and creative ideas, we're here to help. You can find everything you need online from our store. Share with us in the comments below how much you're willing to spend on your birthday party, and let us assist you in finding the perfect decorations to bring your vision to life.