How Much Does A Fake Flower Bouquet Cost?

How Much Does A Fake Flower Bouquet Cost?


While fresh flowers are best to imbue life, color, and joy to your living spaces, there is no denying that artificial flowers when picked rightly can also add the same beauty and charm that lasts much longer than the realistic floral arrangement. If you want to gather all your favorite artificial flower picks in a bunch to create an amazing flower bouquet but wondering how much does a fake flower bouquet cost, worry not as there is no fixed cost when it comes to creating a stunningly realistic fake flower bouquet. Depending on the design, quality, and quantity of these natural-looking blooms, an average fake flower bunch will cost you a minimum of $20 to a maximum of $100 as compared to a fresh flower bouquet which will be a bit expensive and challenging in terms of keeping it alive and fresh for long.

If you desire to elevate your simple space into an enchanting environment full of colors, textures, and lifelike beauty using fake flowers, keep reading to get answers to the most frequently asked questions and enjoy using artificial flowers in your home décor and on special occasions without any stress.

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How Much Do Silk Flower Bouquets Cost?

Silk flowers are the synthetic version of natural flowers that are purely made from the finest silk. Once artificial flowers gained popularity due to their realistic appearance, artisans started incorporating other exclusive materials like velvet, plastic, gauze, or paper to create lavish faux botanicals of all sorts and designs. Although today most artificial flowers and plants are made up of polyester and plastic keeping in mind the cost and durability factors, flowers made from luxurious silk fabric mimic such a delightful liveliness that it becomes difficult to differentiate between the real and fake ones while still being pocket friendly. A silk flower bouquet will roughly cost you $15 to $50 depending on the size and number of flowers used as per your likes and desires.

Whether you want to add the blossoming beauty of silk flowers to your home, office, or any festive occasion that seems incomplete without a floral touch, our high-quality handcrafted silk flowers available in fascinating shades will surely take your flower game up several notches. Explore efavormart to pick from our lively range of artificial silk flowers to add undying beauty to your space that will always stay lively, colorful, and vibrant.   

How To Care For Artificial Flowers?

Undoubtedly, faux flowers are the best décor accent that brings uninterrupted charm and beauty of natural flowers to your settings but they do require a little care and attention to stay bright and beautiful for years. Dry cleaning methods are easy, quick, and best for flowers that are just a little dusty or need a touch-up after storage. The best way to clean artificial flowers is by softly wiping them with a fabric duster. However, using a gentle air pressure with the help of a can or air blower to blow off any dust will instantly refresh your blooms to the same new version.

Silk flowers are easily stained, so if your flower bunch requires additional cleaning other than the regular dust, washing it gently in warm soapy water and air drying using a hair dryer on a cool setting will do the needful. So, keeping artificial flowers alive and thriving is easy with simple dusting and gentle washing practices.

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What Supplies Do I Need For My Silk Flower Bouquet?

Artificial flower bouquets are the right fit for your home décor and offer a great splash of color to your interior décor. They can also be customized according to your taste and desire. For a refined and unique touch, check out our range of blush foam roses, hydrangea & carnation mums, white baby breath artificial flowers, and flower heads to create amazing visual treats for everyone. After picking the preferred flowers, it’s now time to secure your bunch using some essential floral supplies like a foam ball or floral foam brick which are perfect for holding silk flower stems and other floral picks. You can always trim the bottom of the stems to your desired length and use decorative ribbon to tie stems together in a form of a gorgeous flower bouquet. However, if you are not a crafty person then you can easily find already assembled flower bouquets like rose bouquets, peony bouquets, and dahlias & daisies which are ready to be displayed on your coffee table, kitchen counter, or party tables using premium quality glass or metal floral vases.

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So if you are convinced that artificial flowers are the best practical alternative to real flowers for home and event décor then it’s time to order your favorite nearly natural flowers from efavormart and share the pictures of your artificial flower arrangement in the comment section below.