How Much Material Do I Need For Wedding Arch?

How Much Material Do I Need For Wedding Arch?


In any wedding a beautifully decorated wedding arch adds that magical feel which elevates its aesthetics up a notch. Framing the couple in the most beautiful way and capturing their most beautiful and momentous memories, a wedding arch is just the perfect decorative element that highlights the wedding decor. If you have planned a Boho wedding, then opt for triangle wedding arch and place it at the altar to capture the perfect moment of you exchanging your vows. There are plenty of different ways to decorate a wedding arch, from floral and balloons to a decorative drapery, a triangle wedding arch looks really amazing when styled with any one of these. If you want to adorn your boho triangle wedding arch with pretty embellishments and are wondering, ‘How much material do I need for wedding arch?’ Keep reading as we have shared some helpful tips that will guide on this and will make you end up in creating a beautiful diy triangle wedding arch that will surely wow your guests.

triangle wedding arch

Figure out the dimensions of the arch!

If you have a vision of your dream triangle wedding arch and want to style it in a way that truly matches your personality, then there are few things that you must know before decorating your wedding arch. If you want to dress up your wedding arch with lovely materials, first get to know your triangle wedding arch dimension because only then you can determine how much fabric, flowers, or other adornments you need for it. Measuring the height and width will give you a clear idea of how much material do you need to build triangle wedding arch. We offer our metal triangle wedding arch that has an overall height of 8 ft and width about 64’’ that will not only hold your fabric firmly but it’s robust base will give a steady support to your decorations and will create an epic background for your celebration.

How to choose fabric for the arch?

Decorating a triangle wedding arch with lovely fabric can be a sensible choice especially if you want to have a low-budget and economical wedding ceremony. Make sure that you choose the fabric that feels significant to you and customize the color according to your wedding theme. To impart a classic and timeless elegance, pick our chiffon fabric, the bolts of which are 54″ wide and 10 yards in length with a light, delicate texture and sheer elegance that will make it an ideal choice for styling your simple wedding arch. Organza fabric is much stiffer than chiffon but has a lot of body and is extremely light, the fabric bolt is available in 40 yards length and 54’’ width that will exude an impeccable sheen and glossy luster to your wedding arch drapery.

How to choose flowers for the arch!

If you want to make a style statement, then go all out with a floral triangle wedding arch and give your space added colors and structure. Flowers are undeniably the most romantic and commonest way to beautify a wedding arch, no matter what theme you have for your wedding and what place you have chosen as a venue, a beautiful flower arch will highlight the beauty of your event. Make a floral swag with your triangle wedding arch plans by adorning it with natural flowers or pick from our artificial flowers collection and let it serve as a structural backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Choose our pink/rose gold/white peony flowers, ivory/coral rose/burgundy rose flowers add eucalyptus leaves and willow greenery garland along with ivory baby breath flowers to make a bold and beautiful triangle wedding arch decor.


Choosing material for your triangle wedding arch can be great fun, run your creativity and dress it up with all your favorite decorations. Do check out our online store, as we proudly offer our triangle wedding arch and an amazing collection of aisle & arch decor, that will surely make your diy triangle wedding arch a captivating and opulent one. Was this blog post helpful and inspiring? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!