How To Attach Garland To A Wedding Arch?

How To Attach Garland To A Wedding Arch?


Wedding season is never too far away and we all surely love to indulge ourselves in the festivity of this season. From making lifetime promises to exchanging rings, your wedding ceremony is one of those moments that makes a tremendous impact on your special day. To further enhance the significance of your ceremony space, you surely need a statement-piece to create a focal point for your vow exchange and what could be better than a show-stopping hexagon wedding arch? Wedding arch is one of those décor elements that not only ties in the overall look and feel of your wedding day but also serves as a stunning backdrop where your beloved guests can click perfect pictures and enjoy during the cocktail hour. If you are into the popular floral vibe, attaching flower garlands to your hexagon wedding arch is definitely an option to consider so that you can make a splash with a spectacular wedding backdrop. From romantic rose-covered hexagon shaped wedding arches to greenery-inspired backdrops, you surely have endless choices when styling your altar but it’s mainly all about finding the ideal fit for you and your partner-to-be. Keep reading to look for answers of several queries popping in your mind like “How to attach garland to a wedding arch?" 

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Garlands that Glam up your Theme!

While you are choosing the venue that suits your mood and taste as well as defines you and your partner-to-be, DIY hexagon wedding arches embellished with floral arrangements or a pop of greenery are forever popular. If you’re having a destination wedding at the beach, the chic combination of the lively blue-hued water with fascinating fushia flower garlands hanging over your hexagon wedding arch will add to the magnificence of your display. For a garden-inspired wedding theme, incorporate blooms that replicate the look of fresh flowers like charismatic pink, delicate lavender and delightful purple flower garlands in your hexagon arch wedding. To keep the look rustic in an industrial wedding, simply go for real touch leaf garlands and add life to your overall look by lighting up with lanterns and candles at either side of your aisle. Whatever theme, season and location you’ve chosen, styling with lush leaves and faux flowers that don’t burn hole in your pocket and are long lasting than real blossoms never goes out of trend.

Clip it!

After you have selected your favorite garland, it’s time to attach it to your wedding arch. For a firm grip over your garlands, use pew clips that are made of highly durable plastic in white color, highlighting your florals as the center of attraction of the event. Other than this, you can use nylon backdrop clips as they are highly light-weighted and extremely durable for attaching your garlands over the hexagon shaped wedding arch. Using these extremely affordable accessories will prevent your garlands from falling off even after the event ends, giving you the perfect backdrop for pictures as well.

Tape it!

Impeccably attaching your garlands over your hexagon wedding arch is an extremely tough job and you will surely face tremendous difficulties when doing it without the required accessories. A decorative tape is just what you need to ease your task. Being lightweight and bendable, it will help you save your time on your already busy wedding day by collecting together all the garlands and attaching them flawlessly. Multi-use this tape as a decorative accessory as well as a collecting strip for your garlands and adorn your wedding arch with this easy to handle and incredibly adhesive decorative tape.

Tie it!

If you’re not using any sort of netted or laced fabric to cover your wedding arch and plan to simply style with garlands, you’ll surely love to give your DIY hexagon wedding arch a dose of your own creativity by playing with different pieces of fabrics you love. Complete the look by attaching floral garlands to your arch with the use of satin ribbons. As they come in wide range of charismatic hues, you can easily match them with your faux flowers or your wedding color palette. You can also opt for chiffon ribbons as they are handcrafted using an extremely soft and smooth fabric which will make a style statement on your special day. For a seamless look, use our green gauge floral wires that will highlight your floral embellishments like nothing else. These ravishing ribbons will not only work as an alluring addition to your hexagon wedding arch plans but will also give your ceremony space a glamorous look.


If you are searching for a decorative accessory to adorn your hexagon wedding arch and make a bold statement with your wedding décor, incorporating floral and leaves garlands over your wedding backdrop is surely one of the most innovative ways. When decorating an arch for a wedding, consider attaching these garlands in a way that complements the overall theme and aesthetics of your celebration. This could involve draping them elegantly around the frame or hanging them in lush cascades for a more dramatic effect. Make sure you fill in the comments section below with your ultimate wedding décor ideas.