How To Choose Chair Covers For Your Special Event?

How To Choose Chair Covers For Your Special Event?


While planning any event regardless of its scale or purpose, every little detail pertaining to the event should be outstanding so that it enhances the ambiance. From entrancing lighting décor to making a flawless backdrop for the occasion, each element needs proper planning as it helps contribute to making the entire theme come together. Chairs are the quintessential elements that highlight the event décor and make a big difference in the overall appeal of the event. Since we all strive to decorate the venue most perfectly and elegantly, thus beautifying these chairs by giving them a glam makeover with accent chair covers will be a perfect idea. With a wide range of styles and size options to choose from, it is not easy to pick the perfect one. But fret not, as we have got you covered with some key pointers that will guide you on, ‘how to choose chair covers for your special event? So, continue reading and make the perfect selection.

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Chair covers are considered one of the most reasonable and simplest ways to level up your event’s venue. Find and choose the right chair covers for your chair by following these tips!

Figure Out The Chair Style

Chair Seat Covers not only provide attire to the worn-out dowdy chairs but also help to cover any existing damage to vulnerable parts, like scratches on the legs or other exposed areas. But before dressing them up with chic chair covers, determine the chair style you are dealing with. The most popular chairs types used in events are banquet chairs, folding chairs, and Chiavari chairs, with slight differences in each. Chiavari Chairs easily get identified, but the styles that frequently get mixed up are folding and banquet style chairs. These two chairs are quite different. The major difference is that banquet chairs have straight backs, whereas, a folding chair has a slanted back, since it’s designed to be foldable. Luckily, our cheap chair covers fit all types! Whether you wish to glam up a round top folding chair or a square top banquet chair, an upscale cover for chair with a perfect fit will beautifully style your metal or plastic chairs.

Measurement & Size Of Chair

The second important thing while choosing chair covers for your special event is the size of the chair. Whether you have selected banquet chairs, folding chairs, or Chiavari chairs, measure your chairs to avoid any confusion and the possibility of wrong purchase. Get to know the measurement of your chair’s back, seat, and height to make sure it’s correct before placing the full order. Fortunately, at, we offer affordable chair covers with the exact measurements listed on the product description page to help you choose the chairs covers that best fit your chair style. You can easily compare the measurement with your chairs to ensure correct fitment as it may not fit every possible size available out there, another useful tip is always order a single first to test the fitting and then order the whole lot. In case your chair size is slightly larger than the folding chair cover or banquet chair cover style, our universal chair covers style will be the best option, as they have a large pillowcase style that fits 99% of event chair styles.

Material For Chair Covers

Once you know the size and type of the chairs, choose the material that you wish to have for your chair covers. Catering your event’s theme, our exclusive collection of chair covers comes in a huge variety of fabrics and materials. For instance, if there is a wedding reception or a glamorous event around the corner, choose our satin rosette chair covers, glittered back chair covers, or premium satin chair covers and for an outdoor carnival or a birthday party, choose polyester chair covers. Ooze outdoorsy charm in your barn or country wedding by elegantly dressing up your party chairs with burlap chair covers and bring an instant chic rustic flair.

Choice Of Color

Since chairs play a vital role in adding grace and style to an event’s ambiance, thus the choice of color for the chair covers should be the one that match the theme. Our upscale chair covers come in a plethora of colors to help you create a coherent and organized tablescape. While choosing colors for your party chairs pick the universal colors like black chair covers or white chair covers, as these lighted and muted colors go with almost any theme. Sprinkle a pinch of festive shades by accenting these chic chair covers with embroidered chair sashes, satin chair sashes, pintuck chair sashes, sequin chair sashes, & sash buckles.

Event’s Theme

Event theme plays another important role in choosing the right chair cover, as these chic chair covers elegantly highlight your event theme, so always consider the big picture, as each choice you make must complement the entire theme. For instance, for bridal showers or weddings, choose bright shades of wedding chair covers like premium Milan chair seat covers or glistening satin chair covers and combine them with metallics like sequined chair caps or metallic spandex stretch chair belts to bring that perfect celebratory touch that your event demands. Moreover, for outdoor events, choosing polyester chair covers & burlap chair covers will be a classy and sensible choice. For fairytale themes and baby shower events, enhance the beauty of crisp cotton or polyester chair covers by pairing them with sheer lace & tulle tutu chair covers or rosette chair caps along with chair sashes.

Organize events and plan parties like never before and take your special event décor up a notch with our trending collection of chair covers. We hope that this blog post will make your chair cover selection task a lot easier and more gratifying affair, so dress your chairs to the nines and augment your lackluster chairs with the upscale chair covers in your theme color and pattern. If you need any further assistance in the right color choice, fabric, and style determination, don’t hesitate to contact us! We would love to help you! Looking forward to see your comments in the box below!