How to Cut Your Personalized Ribbon

How to Cut Your Personalized Ribbon


Personalized ribbons are perfectly used to accent your holiday gifts, party favors and more. Designing and ordering your personalized ribbon is quick and easy, with your choice of various messages, colors and emblems. The ribbon is also printed in a way so you can conveniently cut each piece. The following instructions will direct you on how to properly cut your personalized ribbons and complete the look with a bow.

1. First, lay out the ribbon in front of you. Both sides of your text should appear all clumped together throughout the ribbon.

how to cut personalized ribbon 1

2. For each group of text, cut between the two messages. For example if your text says, “November 30, 2012 Robert * Mary,” you will cut the ribbon evenly between 2012 and Robert.

how to cut personalized ribbon 2

3. Continue this process throughout the whole ribbon roll. You will end up with 100 ribbon strands that are each approximately 12 inches long. The 2 messages now appear at each end of the ribbon, and there is a long space in the middle for tying.

how to cut personalized ribbon 3

4. Tie the ribbon around each of your favors into a beautiful bow. Make sure the ends of the bow are long enough so your messages can be seen.

how to cut personalized ribbon 4


Whether you create a full message or a simple monogram, cutting your custom ribbons will only take minutes, yet leave you with pretty decor for your favors. If you are using the ribbon to wrap holiday gifts, you can go a step further and add some tinsel or a small bell into your ribbon before you tie it. If you wish to design your own personalized ribbons, be sure to check out our many color and emblem options available. You can easily customize them to perfectly fit a certain theme or personality.