Spring bridal shower party decor

Spring is a beautiful time of year for a bridal shower, with the blossoming flowers, warm sunshine, and the feeling of new beginnings in the air. Designing a fabulous floral-themed DIY setup for a spring bridal shower can be a delightful and creative way to celebrate the upcoming wedding with your loved ones. From gorgeous floral decorations to striking backdrops and fun bridal party favors, there are countless ways to personalize your spring bridal shower setup to make it unforgettable. If you’re planning for a charming and intimate bridal shower, this DIY guide will provide you with helpful tips and ideas to design a stunning party setup that the bride-to-be and her guests will love.



What You Need:

- 90"X132" Beige Satin Seamless Rectangular Tablecloth
- 10ft Lavender Gauze Cheesecloth Boho Table Runner
- 3.5ft Gold Glittered Bride To Be Paper Party Banner
- 24 Pack Glitter Gold Diamond Ring Cupcake Toppers
- 2" Lavender Artificial Silk Rose Bridal Bouquet
- 7ft Artificial Eucalyptus/Boxwood Leaf Garland Vine
- 4" Cream Artificial Foam Blooming Peonies
- 9" Whitewash Square Wood Planter Box Set
- 8oz Natural Crinkle Cut Paper Shred Basket Filler
- 2" Sage Green Bubble Cube Decorative Paraffin Wax Candle Set
- 4"X6" Sage Green Satin Drawstring Party Favor Gift Bags
- Gold 9oz Plastic Stemless Champagne Flutes
- 20 Pack Ring Beverage Disposable Cocktail Napkins
- Set Of 3 Clear Plastic Stackable Cupcake Display Stands
- 8ftx8ft Greenery Grass And Vines Print Vinyl Photography Backdrop
- 18"X6" Whitewash Rectangular Wood Planter Box Set
- 14"X5" Whitewash Rectangular Wood Planter Box Set
- 100 Pack Clear Removable Balloon Arch Glue Dots

Easy Steps in Creating a Spring Bridal Shower Decor

Step 1: Set Up the Background and Table Centerpiece

Woman decorating a planter box

Start with putting up a greenery grass and vine photo booth backdrop. Next, lay out a beige satin rectangular tablecloth where you can set up your decor. Get your gold-glittered bride-to-be banner, separate them into individual letters, and use arch glue dots to stick them onto the side of a rectangular whitewashed wooden planter box.

Step 2: Arrange the Floral Decors in Planter Boxes

Woman arranging floral decors and LED pillar candles in the planter box

Take your planter box and create a stunning floral arrangement using artificial eucalyptus and boxwood garland vines for the base. Toss in an assortment of silk flowers, such as artificial lavender roses and blooming cream peonies, and add LED pillar candles for that warm glowing look.

Step 3: Set Up the Party Favors Box Display

Woman setting up a bridal party favor box

In a square whitewashed wooden planter box, display your party gifts and favors by filling the box with natural crinkle cute paper shreds and placing a lovely succulent together with a cube bubble sage green paraffin wax candle, a similar color drawstring party favor bag, and a plastic stemless champagne flute. You can recreate this and display them around your table setup later on.

Step 4: Add Cupcake Display Stands

Woman putting cupcake display stands on the table

Throw in a lavender cheesecloth boho table runner across the table to create a perfect layered display. In between your floral-decorated rectangle planter boxes, set up clear plastic cupcake pedestal stands.

Step 5: Add Finishing Touches

DIY spring bridal shower party decor

Using the cupcake stand, display delectable treats and top them off with glitter gold diamond cupcake toppers for a stunning look. Place cocktail napkins with festive “I Do Crew” designs that your bridal crew can use during the party.

So gather your supplies, put on your creative hat, and get ready to design a spring bridal shower DIY setup that will leave a lasting impression on the bride and her guests. For more inspiration and ideas on your bridal shower celebration or any other significant occasion, feel free to browse our other blog posts or explore our collection to curate a remarkable ambiance for your events.