How to Drape a Wedding Arch: Creating a Backdrop for Your Big Day

How to Drape a Wedding Arch: Creating a Backdrop for Your Big Day


A wedding arch is the focal point for your event. It’s where you’ll share your vows and take beautiful photographs. Couples have been saying, “I do” under arches for centuries! Depending on who you ask, wedding arches have many meanings. They can symbolize a passage into a new phase of life, strength, eternity, and many other lovely sentiments. One thing is certain: wedding arches are stunning, and your ceremony won’t feel complete without one! In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about these ceremonial centerpieces, from materials and shapes to how to drape a wedding arch.How To Drape A Wedding Arch With White Drapes, Flowers, And Lush Greenery

How to Decorate a Wedding Arch

The best thing about a wedding arch is that you’re free to make it your own. You and your partner can select every element, from the frame to the fabric and other decorative details. So have fun with it, play with different designs, and customize an arch that reflects your special love and stylistically matches your ceremony.

Choose an Arch Design

When creating wedding arches that embody the spirit of your event and match the rest of your decor, it all begins with the arch itself. There are two main aspects you’ll be considering: shape and material.

Let’s start with shape. Below are some of the most popular options:

  • Circle. A circle arch is romantic and picturesque. When you and your partner stand in front of it, a circle arch looks like it’s creating a picture frame around you two — how sweet! 
  • Square. A square arch is a nice minimalist choice. It’s simple, and its corners make it easy to dress up, serving as anchor points for decorative items.
  • Curved. Curved arches are timeless and offer a nice balance of the round, soft edges of a circle arch with the structured appeal of a square one.

  • Now, let’s talk about the material. Deciding on the right arch material requires extra consideration because it will impact more than just the aesthetic. We’ll cover popular material options below:

  • Wood. A wood arch creates a rustic chic look, just right for a bohemian or beach ceremony. Wood arches tend to be a little costlier but are timeless and durable.
  • Plastic. Plastic is the most affordable arch material. Plus, it’s lightweight, so your event staff can easily move it around as needed. However, its weight also means you need to secure it with sandbags on windy days.
  • Metal. Because metal can be painted silver or gold, it can be a terrific option for a glamorous occasion. Metal frames also come with mid-range price tags, offering a luxurious look without breaking the bank.

  • How To Drape A Wedding Arch With White Fabric, Pink Florals, And Greenery

    Decide on Drape Fabric

    Next, it’s time to choose a fabric. The key to draping a wedding arch with fabric is to start with the proper drape material. There are several arch drapes you can choose from, and each one creates a distinct aesthetic.

  • Chiffon. Want a dreamy, romantic look? Chiffon is a classic choice. It’s ultra-lightweight, making it easy to drape around an arch. Plus, it’s mostly transparent, which makes it perfect for couples who’d like to be backlit.
  • Organza. Organza is stiffer than chiffon, making it anideal choice for a more structured look. It’s also a bit heavier, so it will stay in place well on windy days.
  • Cheesecloth. Going for a minimalist/bohemian vibe? Cheesecloth is the way to go. Its feather-like weight creates an airy aesthetic, perfect for a beach wedding.

  • Pro tip: When ordering your fabric, order more than you think you’ll need. It’s always better to have some fabric left over than not have enough. Plus, if you’re doing a total DIY wedding, the arch drapery that doesn’t make it on the frame can be repurposed as table runners, chair decor, and other wedding decorations.

    How To Drape A Wedding Arch With White Fabric, Blue Florals, And Lush Greenery On A Beach

    Pick Your Color Scheme

    Like the flowers and tablecloths, your wedding arch should complement the overall color scheme of your big day. So, think of which color palette you’re going for before choosing your arch materials. Below are some popular color schemes to consider:

    Retro vibes. Create a classic vintage look with sage and pale pinks.

    Luxe looks. Love an upscale aesthetic? Go for gold and black.

    Spring love. You can't go wrong with pastels if you want a cheery spring look.

    Goth glam. Choose black, plums, and forest green for a goth glam appeal.

    Mystical and muted. Want a fairy tale wedding? Choose muted colors like dusty rose, sage, and wood.

    Once you’ve selected your palette, you can order several fabric spools in your color scheme. You can also opt for the most subtle one and then add brighter and bolder details (which we’ll get to). 

    How To Drape A Wedding Arch With White Florals And Greenery For A Chic LookHow To Drape A A Wedding Arch With White Florals And Greenery For A Chic Look

    Add Fun Details

    Now that you have your arch and fabric, it’s time to add your personal touch! You can always check sites like Pinterest for more wedding draping ideas, but we’ll get you started with some fun suggestions below.

    Add flowers. One of the most timeless and simple draping ideas is to add flowers to your arch. You can opt for real or artificial flowers depending on your budget and time of year. If you want blooms that aren’t in season, faux plants can be a terrific way to get the exact flowers you want year-round.

    Illuminate your arch with twinkle lights. Add a touch of whimsy with string lights. Toss just a few strands over your arch, or add many for a starry night theme.

    Wrap your arch with ribbons. A few silk ribbons around your arch add a luxurious look. Plus, you can wrap your flowers with ribbons to create bouquets.

    Keep it playful with balloons. Your wedding is a celebration, and nothing says party like balloons! If it suits your overall aesthetic, tie a bundle of balloons matching your event’s color palette to your arch. 

    How To Drape A Wedding Arch At Beach With Flowers And Greenery

    How to Drape Fabric on a Wedding Arch

    Learning how to decorate your wedding arch can take some trial and error. There’s no one right way to do it — it’s all about the look you want to create. There are a few things you’ll need to get started, including:

    • A step ladder
    • Twine or zip ties
    • A helper/spotter

    Deciding On Your Design

    Before you step onto your ladder, decide on the look you want to create. Here are some techniques to consider:

    Use extra fabric for a romantic look. If you want a dramatic look, with fabric swooping down from the arch, be generous about how much fabric you use. 

    Use less fabric to expose a natural backdrop. If there is a stunning view behind the arch — like the ocean or mountains — you might use less fabric to let the natural backdrop shine.

    Keep it sparse to expose the frame. Love the look of the frame itself? Use just enough drapes to wrap some of your arch up while leaving parts of it exposed. 

    Not sure which look you want? Browse eFavormart’s backdrops for more wedding arch drapery ideas.

    How To Drape A Wedding Arch With White Fabric And Vibrant Flowers

    Draping Your Arch

    Once you’ve decided on a look, grab your drapes and step onto your ladder to reach the highest point of your arch. From there, you can take one end of the drape and toss it to your helper. They can use twine or zip ties to secure that end of the fabric to the base of your arch at one side. 

    Now, you can begin wrapping your fabric around the top parts of the arch. Secure the drape at multiple points along the arch for a cleaner look. For a billowy look, only attach it at a few strategic places, such as the base of each side and the center along the top of the arch. Your helper on the ground can step back and tell you if you should wrap it looser or tighter. Once you’re happy with how your drapes look across the top, you can toss the other end of your fabric to your helper, who can attach it to the base on the other side of the arch.

    The truth is that there are no rules on how to decorate a wedding arch with fabric. Just play with your arch until you love the way it looks!

    How To Drape A Wedding Arch In White And Gold, With Pink And White Flowers

    Shop Wedding Arches and Drapes on eFavormart

    Now that you know how to drape a wedding arch, you’re ready to transform your venue into your dream wedding landscape! eFavormart has all your wedding decoration essentials, including pipe and drape backdrops, arch fabric, centerpieces, lighting, artificial flowers, and more. With our wide assortment of styles, all at great prices, we make it easy to design the wedding you’ve always wanted, down to the very last details. This is your big day; make it memorable with breathtaking designs that will put a smile on your face every time you look at your wedding photos. Start exploring our wedding decor collections today and find the inspiration to plan your special day!

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