Is Burgundy A Spring Wedding Color?

Is Burgundy A Spring Wedding Color?


Most of the soon to be married couples are faced with the query; “Is Burgundy a spring wedding color?” The question cannot be answered in a simple yes or no because traditionally burgundy has been associated with fall or winter. However, with a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can use burgundy in any season. If spring wedding is around the corner and you want to make burgundy a part of your spring wedding color scheme, there are myriad ways to do it. You have to work on different combinations of spring wedding colors and ensure burgundy finds a place in each combination. If burgundy is your favorite color and you have no idea about how to use it in a spring wedding, we have listed some awesome color combinations with burgundy to get you going.

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Color Your Tablespace Burgundy and Navy Blue

You can easily break association of burgundy color with winter and fall seasons by mixing it with other gorgeous colors to create a combination perfect for all seasons. A combination of burgundy and blue makes an outstanding color contrast. Create the desired contrast with our table covers and table centerpieces. Dress your wedding tables with our navy blue tablecloths, blue table runners, blue folding chair covers. After covering your tables and chairs with blue fabric, decorate each chair with burgundy sashes. Adorn tables with centerpieces such as gold metal flower stand, burgundy candle holders, burgundy charger plates, and burgundy artificial flowers.

Let Burgundy Enter Timeless Soft Palette

Traditionally soft colors have been at the forefront of any spring wedding. As classic soft colors have not lost their charm, you can surprise everyone with a sophisticated touch of burgundy and blush pink. No other color combination creates such a powerful synergetic effect as Blush pink and burgundy. The two colors enhance each other’s appeal. So, when you are out to choose spring wedding colors, give our pink napkins, pink helium balloons, and confetti a try. For a perfect spring statement, make the bridesmaids and other hosts wear burgundy dresses and shower pink confetti over bride and groom.

Catch Everyone’s Attention With Black, Serene Blue, And Burgundy

You spring wedding color scheme may show black, burgundy, and serene blue in all the splendour. Typing your wedding invitations in a mix of black and burgundy is a great idea. On a light blue background, type your wedding invitation message in bold burgundy and black colors. Apart from invitation cards, use these colors freely to create a gorgeous wedding atmosphere. Luckily, you need not look here and there for the right items. Simply opt for our black ostrich feathers, black Manzanita tree, and serene blue rose petals.

Brighten Up Your Event With Burgundy And Neutral Colors

The time of the year does not matter if you are interested in neutral colors because neutral colors can work in any season. For a moment, forget spring wedding colors and think about the best neutral colors that can be used for any decoration. Copper, mauve, beige, grey, and taupe are excellent neutral colors used in any wedding. Your event will stand out if you choose our acrylic napkin rings, designer cutlery in natural brown color, silver cutlery set, and silver grey vase filler.

Even though burgundy is traditionally associated with fall and winter season, we have seen how we can work our way to make it a part of spring weddings too. We also hope that the question Is burgundy a spring wedding color will no longer challenge you as it has received adequate attention in the spring wedding colors listed above. If you still have not found the combination of your liking, try other combinations of bright and light colors to find your ideal color palette for this year’s spring wedding. If you have some interesting ideas about using burgundy with other cheerful hues, please do share your thoughts in the comments section below.