Is Burgundy a Summer Wedding Color?

Is Burgundy a Summer Wedding Color?


Are you one of those who are looking for some unexpected summer wedding colors palettes to make their warm-weather event one of a kind? Well, one of our favorite summer wedding colors for 2021 is the one that has a berry-hue & wine-inspired jewel tone, yes, we are talking about burgundy. Although the bright pink, orange, yellow, blue, and green are envisioned as 5 hot summer wedding colors, but if you want to create an eye-catching freshness in your wedding design this summer, then pick burgundy as your summer wedding color. Now the question is that ‘Is burgundy a summer wedding color?’ as it is more of a fall or winter color palette. Well, although burgundy is considered as a late summer wedding color but seeing this strong hue in your wedding that falls during the hotter months will feel like a newfangled addition. So, read along to see how you can play with this lovely summer wedding colors motif.

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Brighten Up the Outdoors!

Summer weddings are always so mesmerizing and colorful as there are some amazing summer wedding colors schemes that can be picked to make your special day an unforgettable one. If you are planning a summer garden wedding and want the ambiance to be brimming with some rich and bold tone, then choose burgundy as your summer wedding color and see how beautifully it will blend with the natural beauty of the outdoors. From fabric to lush flower arrangement and centerpiece decor, burgundy will turn your summer wedding venue into a real-life fairy tale land. To add a little oomph to this daring summer wedding colors palette, throw a little bright red, gold, mauve dusty rose, white, pale blue or soft blush into the mix and let these enticing summer wedding colors combinations create an ambiance that is beautiful and wow worthy.

Burgundy with Wooden backdrop!

Burgundy is one of the bold and rich summer wedding colors that instantly infuses a spark of life into any plain decor. This beautiful and vibrant summer wedding color helps in creating some mesmerizing backdrops without breaking the banks. If you want to put up an eye-catching backdrop with minimal effort, set a plain wooden backdrop in the outdoors and let this bold summer wedding color spread a magical aura all around. Stylishly adorn your plain wooden backdrop with a flowy burgundy wedding drapery and create amazing burgundy themed flower bouquets featuring cool shades of pink, lavender, red, and blue along with greenery and let it be one of the best summer wedding colors themes that will infuse pure rustic vibes into your summer wedding.

Mesmerizing Flower Arrangements!

When your wedding venue is decorated with burgundy color scheme, creating some amazing burgundy flower centerpieces can be a great idea as burgundy floral are so versatile, classy and elegant that they give you so many wonderful style options. Run your creativity wild and make unique burgundy summer wedding color flower bouquets by combining blooms in other summer wedding colors. Bunch silk rose, dahlia flowers, peony flowers, kissing balls, ratta silk hanging flower garland with some romantic toned floral like lavender bushes, navy amaryllis artificial silk flowers & white silk rose flowers with green leaves and showcase your strong sense of happiness. You can also create a visually stunning decor by installing our burgundy silk rose flower panels and see how this summer wedding color will add a pop of life!

Striking Centerpiece Decor!

Burgundy is that bold summer wedding color that not only adds texture and visual interest into the entire ambiance but also creates a gorgeous wedding atmosphere. While choosing an outdoor location and burgundy as your summer wedding color, feel the excitement of creating some enticing wedding decorations for your big day. Make a big impact by opting for some amazing wooden planters, crates, or walls and beautify them with your creative burgundy inspired summer wedding color flower arrangement. Pick our flower garland, calla lily flowers or any other of your choice and pair them with blush and other traditional summer wedding colors combinations. Moreover, enhance your centerpiece decor by arranging some lovely candle decorations and give your ambiance an eye-catching freshness that will ultimately set your wedding's design above the rest.


Burgundy is one of the most beautiful summer wedding colors to go with, add it in any element of your wedding, like as burgundy cake, wedding invitations, bridesmaid dress, table covers, table centerpieces and so on and make your guests fall in love with this unique summer wedding colors palette. Are you still questioning that, ‘Is burgundy a summer wedding color?’ Well, we hope not! Incorporate this summer wedding color in your wedding and don’t forget to share with us your inspirations and ideas. Waiting for your comments in the box below!