Is December A Good Time To Get Married?

Is December A Good Time To Get Married?


Whether you’re a newly engaged couple or you’ve been forced back to the drawing board after the unprecedented global crises sabotaged your big day last year, contemplating what month to have your wedding is never easy, especially, when you’re trying to work around the conundrums that come with venue bookings, budget, and vendors. Although September and June have been the most popular months to tie the knot because of the gorgeous exhibition of colors and temperate weather, let’s face it, they aren’t the easiest seasons to find free venues and vendors. This is why off-season weddings, more particularly, winter weddings are on the rise and the snowy season is starting to get the attention it deserves! But is December a good time to get married? Yes, it is! There are plenty of benefits to hosting a winter wedding. For starters, the holiday season is in full swing. It’s the most whimsical time of the year, and you can score a great deal on venues and decorations because the season isn’t packed with weddings. If you’re still not sure about a winter wedding, we’ve listed some key reasons why you should seriously consider a December date for your nuptials.

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No-Fuss Venue Bookings

When picking a date or month for the wedding, most couples don’t even consider the winter months. So, if you plan to say your vows in the snowy season, there will be fewer couples to compete with for the venue you have been eyeing since forever. It’ll also be easier to structure your dream vendor team since many highly-rated vendors are available in the off-season even if you’re having a short notice wedding.

Plenty Of Decor Inspiration

Since everything about the winter season is special and magical, the options for wedding decorations and themes are endless and easy. You can draw inspiration from the whimsical scenery or channel in the festive holiday spirit to elevate your wedding day celebrations tenfold. If you love the scenic snowscapes, choosing a winter wonderland wedding theme will help you elegantly showcase your love for the majestic season. You can incorporate whimsical accents in your wedding design and opt for acrylic chairs, white Manzanita tree centerpieces, ice beads, crystal garlands & drapes, ice blue drapery, silver or white sequin table linens, and a whole lot of fake powder snow to turn your reception hall into an authentic winter wonderland complementing the snowy outdoors! However, if you’re fan of the holidays, there is nothing better than decking up your reception hall with all things festive. Think wreaths, lush greenery vines, flower balls, shimmery Christmas ornaments, and twinkling lights to add a glorious vibe to your holiday-inspired winter themed wedding.

Festive & Posh Wedding Color Choices

The winter season has a distinctive color palette ranging from rich jewel tones to festive red, green, and gold hues to enchanting shades of silver, gray, blue, and white. Thus, it is quite easy to curate a wedding color story that resonates well with the season. You can take cues from the all-white snowscapes or break out the bright red and green wedding decorations to imbue a festive holiday appeal into your winter nuptials.


Since business tends to be slower for wedding planners and vendors during winter months, you might be able to snag a beautiful venue, great food, and all the different add-on’s at a fraction of the price if you wait until the snow starts to stick to the ground to get hitched. You can save on the venue and add something fun and exciting to make your winter wedding truly memorable and unique.

Although December isn’t usually on top of the list when deciding on a month to have your nuptials, it certainly is one of the best months to get married. December weddings tend to be cozier and more memorable affairs and you don’t even have to deal with the heat of summer or worry about runny makeup or sweat stains. Did this blog help you convince that the winter season is the perfect time for a wedding? Let us know in the comments section below!