Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas: Part 1

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas: Part 1


Have you been waiting too long to decide what costume to wear to your office party, best friend’s shindig or just to hand out candy in? Don’t worry. We’ve all been there …and done the lame thing and grabbed a mask to pretend we planned to be a clown for Halloween. Here are a few different costume ideas you can try with your leftover party or wedding supplies, or with what’s just lying around the house!

Magical Princess – You’re never too old to be a princess, especially when you’re a newlywed you’re still on a magical high! Still have your wedding tiara? Borrow one of your bridesmaids colorful dresses (and you both worried it’d never be worn again) and wave a magical glittering wand from your centerpieces around. A pair of cheap, strap on wings from the store can complete the outfit!

Mr. Napkin Head – Wait, before you think this is just the worst costume ever, tell your mister that Mr. Napkin Head is a simple costume inspired by Jude Law’s character in The Holiday. Hot right? Watch the clip of this silly persona that the adorable, single father pretends to be on YouTube. With just a linen napkin and pair of glasses he can be Mr. Napkin Head. Put on a cocktail dress and say you’re Cameron Diaz’s character for a last minute couple’s costume.

Flower Girl – Are you the one with the bridesmaid’s dress? Make a big, bright floral headpiece, and ask to borrow the flower girl basket to toss flowers around. Have your mister go with an over the top large bow tie and neatly split hair part, carrying a pillow of course to play the part of the ring bearer.

Still not sure of your costume? Don’t worry! We have plenty more ideas for those with resuable party favors lying around up our sleeve! Share your ideas with us to make it into our next post!