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New Arrival! Fringed Faux Burlap!!

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Brand New to Efavormart, we’re not offering a gorgeous Fringed Faux Burlap! Our material is one of our most popular material, and even though this is definitely does not have the authentic qualities of burlap, it’s a more suitable and classy material for all types of events. This “Faux” burlap is made with a similar material, but the with a tighter weave and an unfinished edge giving it a sort of “fringe” design.

Now available in in different styles! We have it as a square tablecloth, overlay and table runner! Give your next event (or home!) a classy makeover with this lovely material today!

Check out some of our new products:
72×72″ Fringed Faux Burlap Table Overlay
Fringed Faux Burlap Table Runner
54×54 Fringed Faux Burlap Tablecloth
54x10yds Faux Burlap Fabric

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