Oh, Christmas? Check Out These Easy Gift-Wrapping Ideas from eFavormart!

Oh, Christmas? Check Out These Easy Gift-Wrapping Ideas from eFavormart!


Like a present itself, wrapping is also viewed as a token of how much you care. With our ribbons and fabrics from eFavormart, decorating gifts is a cinch. If you have no idea of how you can give your Christmas presents a special touch, tuck all your worries away with these simple ideas.


Regardless of what idea is on your mind; start off your decoration process with a box (if there’s none). Depending on the size of your favor, feel free to choose from our 2x2, 3x3, or bigger boxes.  In case you want to use a wrapper, we suggest you consider our white boxes. Otherwise, check out traditional Christmas gift containers, like our gold or silver favor boxes, or consider some of our designer options.


With so many gift wrappers out there, it’s so difficult to surprise anyone. Covering presents with non-woven fabrics  is not just easy but it is a nice excuse to get even more creative – just remember to use pins instead of duct tape to hold fabric in place and then, remove them once ribbons are on. If you need something reminiscent of snowflakes gently falling down, you can try out our star design fabric. Whenever your trinkets call for a universal wrapper, give a chance to our modern design fabric bolt.


It goes without saying that nothing whispers Christmas like its signature hues (whites, reds, greens, and blues), while all the wintery attributes (snowflakes, pine tree, or Santa Clause) are optional.  Stick to this rule when shopping from our immense collection of assorted ribbons.  

To achieve a simplistic yet neat composition, wrap your keepsake in a piece of red glossy paper (or shiny red polyester roll) and add our gold satin ribbon as an additional embellishment. The seamless luster of satin will complement the festive gloss of the wrapper.

Have you got a solid-colored red wrapper and strive for patterns? We strongly recommend you beautify your red and gold ensemble with our glittery hexagonal mesh ribbon!

Needless to mention, greens and blues are the best friends of X-Mas and everything connected to the winter holidays. Have no idea which one is more to your liking? There’s no need to choose – our hunter green satin ribbons will let you get the best of both worlds! To augment the splendor of hunter green, consider using a gold wrapper. Try a different color combo with royal blue ribbon. You would be surprised at how well it complements the christmas theme. 

No Christmas décor exists without reds. But what if you are sick and tired of red and longing for something more unusual? Not a problem, our burgundy organza ribbon will enhance the visual appeal of your green boxes.

Royal blue and gold go hand in hand. Non-believer? See for yourself – this blue organza ribbon with satin edges will definitely make your heart beat “Jingle Bells”! Too short of time for tying fanciful bows for yourself? With our pull ribbons, it won’t take you longer than a couple of seconds to end up with a voluminous bow!

For a thematic accent, utilize our wired X-Mas ribbons from our unique-style selection. For instance, this lovely wired-edged satin trim not just holds its shape but also features hemmed glittery edges and shiny embroidery, which will jazz up your green wrapper.

Let it snow with our black/silver falling snow ribbon. This silver design atop black tulle will take your silver boxes and wrappers to the next level of sophistication!

Which ideas inspired you the most? Or have you come up with something on your own? Please let us know in the comments below – your opinion is valuable to us!