One of a Kind Rainforest Centerpiece


There is no denying that the elements that are found within nature are beautiful. The natural beauty of trees, flowers, and grass expresses a unique feel and power within events and party themes. However, displaying natural items for events may be a bit cumbersome and impractical. Don’t fret! Here at EfavorMart, we carry  trees, branches , and flowers specifically designed for these types of situations! An example of one of these items is the  30 inch Vogue Manzanita Centerpiece Tree in Royal Blue. Here in this ethereal dream-like centerpiece, the 30″ Vogue Manzanita tree placed inside a floating candle bowl and adorned by a Lavender Rose Garland, Our remote controlled lights are set to a cool green and placed in the base, with Lustrous tulle coming up and engulfing the tree. The Vogue Manzanita tree comes in many different colors, so be imaginative and create your own custom tree centerpiece!