Perfect Summer Palette: Part 2

Perfect Summer Palette: Part 2


Summer is when all the colors come alive. Just visiting a flower garden makes you want to include every color of the rainbow in your color scheme. Last week we touched on some sweet summer schemes, this week we have a few more to try out!

Purple and Blue – Raspberries and blueberries, violets and hydrangeas. These cool colors pair beautifully in so many natural ways – not to mention the ribbons, tablecloths, centerpieces and favor boxes which can all match. Pick just a few shades of each to make sure that you stay within a coordinating range.

Blue and White – Even if you can’t have your destination wedding on the Isles of Greece, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to match the beautiful sky blue and crisp white colors that are seen there. The perfect color for your favors, table settings, and decorations. Vary up the shades of blue with sea blue green, turquoise and aqua bridesmaid dresses for a rich blue look!

Cranberry and Pink Paired with Black and White – These rich, cranberry colors will come alive against black and white damask tablecloths. It’s a sophisticated way to incorporate the bold pink, including pink ribbons around centerpieces, cranberry favor boxes, and dark pink lettering on place cards.

What colors are you enjoying this summer?