Personalize Easily with eFavormart

Personalize Easily with eFavormart


All the accessories are on, but your décor still looks impersonal? To fix things up, you don’t necessarily have to spend a great deal of time trying to customize your party decorations. With our personalized collection, you’ll just need to select a set of items, come up with a print or design, and wait for your order to come. Here’s our immense collection in a nutshell.

Gift Boxes & Bags

If your favors look generic, opt for our gift boxes personalized with foil prints. Whether you have a thing for traditional boxes with removable lids or contemporary-style gift containers with the hinged ones, we are always ready to offer you a dozen of options that vary in color, shape, and size. In case you have a fascination for comfy handles or fancy tops, we recommend you use our charming customizable Sacchetto box, heart basket, or our wrap box that features a clear side to show off your fanciful keepsakes.

Looking to top off your celebration with a dash of humor, or you need something exotic for your event theme? Either way, our chic favor containers that mimic real-life objects, such as our chair or formal boxes, will pep up even the most serious-looking gathering.

If you’re into the lustrous sheen of satin, these tiny showstoppers will blow you away!

Ribbons & Tags

Packed all your favors and then, realized that you forgot to personalize them? No worries, with our collection of customizable accessories for your gift containers, you’ll easily wipe that frown away. If the ribbons are already on, our personalized cardboard tags won’t disappoint you. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, they’ll instantly fit in with your venue theme.

Those who are on the lookout for a bunch of customizable trimmings can adorn their favors with our ribbons fashioned from satin and organza.


Still don’t know what to present to your guests? It’s a perfect opportunity to skip the personalizing part and choose from our personalized favors, such as these captivating votive candles, matchboxes, or notepads.


To personalize your guests’ dining experience, choose from our collection of customizable dinnerware. If you want to add a personalized touch to your drink stations, our customizable coasters and beverage napkins will cater to your needs! Meanwhile, our personalized dinner napkins or birchwood plates will share a part of your creative personality with your precious invitees.

Personalized Monograms

In case our foil-printed customizable products do not quench your thirst for sparkles, check out our monogramed products. To add a festive glitz to your table setting or favor-giving, feel free to choose from our rhinestoned favor boxes, gift bags, cooking pots, or cake toppers.

Customizable Pew Bows

Words can’t express your inexhaustible creativity? You can customize your décor via design as well. If there’s a wedding on the agenda, upgrade your lackluster chairs or church pews with our personalized pew bows. With our huge collection of assorted ribbons, fabric rolls and bolts, craft flowers, endless laces, beads, and beyond, you have an infinity of options to transform your venue into a realm of creativity and sophistication. In case you don’t plan to get married, use our versatile bows to adorn your bannisters, centerpieces, garden trees, or whatever deserves an additional touch of splendor.