Picnic theme setup with party decor and supplies

Picnic Paradise: Designing a Dreamy Family Picnic Theme Party Setup


Step into a realm of pure bliss and outdoor elegance as we unveil the secrets to creating an unforgettable picnic theme party. Imagine a scene where the golden hues of the sun meet the verdant embrace of nature, setting the stage for a dreamy picnic dinner. In this enchanting journey, we will guide you through the intricacies of party decor, transforming ordinary outdoor spaces into magical realms. Embracing the charm of alfresco dining, we'll explore the art of harmonizing the simplicity of a picnic with the creativity of thematic decorations, ensuring your family picnic is not just a gathering but a memorable experience etched in time. Join us as we explore the nuances of creating an ambiance that breathes life into your outdoor festivities, making every moment a celebration of joy, togetherness, and the beauty of nature.


What You Need:

11 sq ft. | Dark Green Boxwood Hedge Garden Backdrop 
10ft Sage Green Gauze Cheesecloth Boho Table Runner 
4 Pack | 11" Clear Reversible Crystal Ball Trumpet Glass Vases 
5 Bushes | White Artificial Silk Hydrangea Flower Bouquets 
50 Pack | 15" Natural White Rabbit Tail Dried Pampas Grass 
34" Tall Artificial Globe Thistle Flower Spray 
12 Leaves | Green Decorative Tropical Monstera Palm Leaves 
10 Pack | 11" Gold Ruffled Rim Clear Plastic Party Plates 
10 Pack | 9" Gold Ruffled Rim White Plastic Party Plates 
12 Pack Clear 6oz Rose Gold Rim Plastic Wine Glasses 
5 Pack | Sage Green Gauze Cheesecloth Boho Dinner Napkins 
100 Pack | 6" Birchwood Disposable Picnic Forks 
100 Pack | 7" Birchwood Disposable Picnic Knives 
16” LED Color Changing Floating Pool Light Ball 
8ftX10ft Metal Adjustable Photography Backdrop Stand Kit 
32" Better Together LED Neon Light Sign 
42" White Artificial Silk Hanging Wisteria Garlands
6ftx2ft White Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Rug Runner

What You Need to Do:

Step 1: Set the Foundation

Woman assembling the boxwood hedge backdrop

Transform your outdoor picnic space into a captivating oasis by installing the dark green boxwood hedge garden backdrop. This lush green backdrop not only adds a natural and serene atmosphere to your family picnic but also serves as a versatile decoration that can be reused for various events and celebrations. Its verdant hues create an inviting ambiance, making your outdoor picnics feel like a dreamy escape into nature. The backdrop provides the perfect canvas for your picnic setup, enhancing the overall aesthetic and setting the stage for a memorable gathering.

Step 2: Create a Bohemian Tablescape

Picnic table designed with runner, glass vases, flowers, and greenery

Transform your picnic table into a captivating oasis with a bohemian touch by laying down the sage green gauze cheesecloth boho table runner. At the table's center, arrange the clear reversible crystal ball trumpet glass vases, brimming with delicate white artificial silk hydrangea flower bouquets, creating an elegant focal point. Embrace a natural ambiance by artfully assembling the natural dried pampas grass in the vases. Elevate the setting with globe thistle flower sprays strategically placed for added height and visual allure. Infuse a tropical vibe with decorative tropical monstera palm leaves, adorning the table. This expertly curated party decor transforms your picnic table into a dreamy, bohemian paradise.

Step 3: Set the Table

Picnic table with runners, vases, flowers, and disposable dinnerware

Create an exquisite table setting by layering the gold ruffled rim clear charger plates over the gold ruffled rim white plastic dinner plates, adding a touch of elegance to the picnic ambiance. Enhance the sophistication with clear rose gold rim plastic wine glasses meticulously placed at each setting. Lay out sage green cheesecloth boho dinner napkins for a rustic charm and complement them with birchwood disposable picnic forks and knives, ensuring a seamless dining experience. This thoughtfully designed arrangement not only elevates the picnic experience but also sets the stage for savoring delicious picnic foods with style and grace.

Step 4: Enhance the Outdoor Ambiance

Green wall backdrop with neon light sign and hanging floral garlands

Level up your outdoor picnics and set the scene with a metal adjustable backdrop stand kit framing the area, adorned with the boxwood hedge garden backdrop for a lush green background. Drape the white artificial silk hanging wisteria garlands to add a magical, whimsical touch, and hang the Better Together LED neon light sign against the green wall backdrop, creating a warm, inviting message. Enhance the ambiance with the LED color-changing floating pool light balls, casting a mesmerizing glow over the party decor. These elements come together to create a dreamy outdoor picnic atmosphere, perfect for a delightful and memorable gathering.

Additional Tips:

Pillow throws and rug on the grass

To elevate the picnic theme, enhance the ambiance with cozy seating options like picnic blankets and floor cushions, ensuring everyone feels relaxed and comfortable. Play soft acoustic music in the background, enveloping the space in a calming atmosphere. Arrange a selection of board games and activities catering to both kids and adults, encouraging everyone to engage and enjoy the picnic to the fullest. Additionally, curate a delectable menu featuring a variety of picnic foods, paired with refreshing beverages, to complete the experience. These thoughtful touches will not only complement the dreamy setup but also create a memorable and enjoyable picnic for everyone involved.

Embracing the charm of a picnic theme party adds an unparalleled touch of magic to any family gathering. As the sun sets and the picnic dinner begins, there’s an undeniable warmth that fills the air. The meticulous attention to picnic-themed details, from the rustic decorations to the mouthwatering picnic dinner menu, creates an ambiance of pure delight. These gatherings become more than just events; they turn into cherished memories, etched in the hearts of everyone present. So, as you plan your next picnic theme soirée, let your creativity flow and your imagination wander. With the right elements, your ordinary get-togethers can effortlessly transform into dreamy picnics, providing a paradise of joy and togetherness for your family.