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Put a Bird on It & Other Minty Fresh 2013 Trends to Try: Part 1

Party Planning Wedding Inspirations

Will you be minty fresh for the big day? There’s so many ways to incorporate one of 2013’s hottest shades into your wedding, party or reception. Just imagine using a mint green as your baby shower color (keeps the baby sex a complete surprise without having to resort to yellow!) A few marvelous minty ideas are:

  • Mint iced cakes and other deserts.
  • Mint juleps, mint garnished drinks,
  • Refreshing mint favors.
  • Mint sorbet to cleanse the palate.
  • Refreshing mint shoes!
  • Tiny mint placecards, sprinkles, and sparkles on a gray table arrangements.
  • Mint, gray and yellow party. (Like Black and White affair but dreamy instead of stuffy.)

No need to fly away. Whether you’re celebrating your new nest egg, announcing your wedding or a new bundle of joy, the bird is a fanciful accent to any party. Think:

  • Flower filled bird cages as rustic centerpieces.
  • Blue bird invites to the party.
  • Feather fascinators for flair.
  • Plunging plumage accented dresses.
  • Bird’s nests as a ring pillow.
  • Candy coated bird’s nests as deserts.

Catch us next week for some fresh from the garden party ideas to inspire your spring party ideas.

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