Sand Ceremony Colors Meaning

Sand Ceremony Colors Meaning


A marriage is a ceremony that depicts the union of two hearts with loved ones gathered around to wish the couple. At a wedding ceremony where love and smiles loom around among all hearts gathered around, some unique rituals with deep meanings also take place, such as the unity sand ceremony. The unity sand ceremony prominently known as the wedding sand ceremony is a tradition where the couple or sometimes the couple along with their parents pours colored sands from two different containers into one container. But what is the true sand ceremony colors meaning? Yellow: Joy, Optimism, Friendship. Light Blue: Peace, Patience, Tranquility. Green: Nature, Renewal, Health. Black: Wisdom, Durability, Sophistication. Such a unique ritual to express love and bonding needs special yet lovely décor products, like the ones available in wide range and designs at

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Different Characters, Different Personalities

The couple trying to understand the wedding sand ceremony eventually ends up understanding each other as such is the meaning of it. The two different containers the bride and the groom carry symbolize their uniqueness and differences and the common container represents the one union under which they are going to live with acceptance. But what do the colors of a sand ceremony mean? The different colors of sand depict different sets of characteristic features of human life. Even the three containers part of the wedding sand ceremony set need not be identical. The bride and groom can hold different set of containers to hold their separate unity sand depicting their individual perspectives such as our Glass Apothecary Jars with Lids or Long Stem Cylinder Glass Vases. These classy containers add chicness to both the special persons while equally depicting their uniqueness. The crystal glass clarity of these heavy duty jars will beautifully exhibit the lovely hues of colored sands and sand art. The lids on containers depict that all the separate personalities of newlyweds are tightly sealed within one union that is marriage. If the couple wants to keep this lovely tradition as a keepsake of their big day , they can place their unity sand in our flared neck heavy duty clear glass vase, add some water to it and place a little faux air plant or a fern into it and can showcase it atop any table in their humble abode. This will depict the importance of their union of marriage forever.

Variety of Colors, Various Meanings

While the containers have so much beauty within them, what do the colors of a sand ceremony mean going into them! The variety of colors represent their separate families, separate set of friends from separate walks of life and so on. It is completely up to the lovely couple to choose from the colors of sands they are going to carry or are they going to carry multicolored sands. The couples who think about purity, spiritual values and devotion can carry our white decorative sand while some couples can opt for the yellow decorative sand where yellow means harmony, balance and friendship. Then there are certain couples who know each other very well, they can either carry red coral decorative sand which represents love, passion, romance and happiness or the green decorative sand. The green color unity sand depicts health, luck and prosperity as that is what they wish for each other. The couples who intend to start life completely afresh after marriage generally carry the blue decorative sand which means patience, tranquility and longevity which anyone and everyone will require on the longer run of life.

A Union To Remember For!

So after all, what do the colors of a sand ceremony mean? Well, it means that the wedding sand ceremony is not just a ritual but also an understanding of hearts from different places and walks of lives coming in together for a greater bonding of love, peace and happiness. The unity sand ceremony set thus represents and reminds the couples of the significance of such a beautiful married life forever. Every time they see the sand ceremony set containers gleaming with the colored unity sand inside, their hearts will take a trip down the memory lane reminding them of the best times of their lives spent together.

We would love to hear from you about the wedding sand ceremony and what else would you do creatively to make it even more special.