Seasons and Storage? Not a Worry with Silk Flowers for Weddings

Seasons and Storage? Not a Worry with Silk Flowers for Weddings


When it comes to planning the wedding, we’re sure the list is a mile high or things that are coming up day of to remember! There’s the caterer, photographer, reception hall, last minute bills, and making sure everyone is in place. Once those people are in place, like your caterer, you know the food should all get where it needs to be, and the photographer will have their camera and corral all the people for photo ops.

Now why not take one thing off that list of worries, and use artificial flowers for your wedding.

  • No coolers, no refrigeration needed. Silk flowers will be as beautiful in the hottest of ceremonies all day as they are a year later on your first anniversary. Which leads us to…
  • You can use these year after year. Want to throw an anniversary bash? You can use the same colors with the same flowers from your reception. Your sister, cousin, or aunt can do the same too!
  • Lilies, roses, baby breath, daisies, hydrangeas, if you’re worried about the seasonality of your flowers, these will be up and beautiful at all times of the year. So if you’re longing for silk iris bushes, don’t hesitate to make them your flower of choice for the wedding!
  • Savings are easy, no florist, no fresh flower costs, and you can reuse silk flowers? What could possibly be the downside?

When you want all the details done right, the savings, and so much less hassle, choose silk flowers!