Should A Table Runner Hang Over The Table?

Should A Table Runner Hang Over The Table?


If you want to add some instant details to your tablescape that bring color, texture, and interest to your tables then no other table linen would serve the purpose best than a stylish table runner as it works as a tool to visually anchor your tables bringing all your other decor accents together for a cohesive look. There is no set rule when it comes to decorating your tables using table linens and runners, but choosing the right décor accessories which are practical and best complement your overall décor theme surely reveals desired results. It is suggested to always use a table runner down the center length of the table hanging equally from both ends, which can vary approximately from 6 to 12 inches. But if you are still wondering about the exact length of the runner and thinking should a table runner hang over the table or can it be replaced with another decorative accent, keep scrolling to get answers to all your queries related to table runners along with many creative ways to adorn your tablescapes with a fabulous collection of linens available at our online store.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Table Runner?

 A table runner is not just a great aesthetic addition to your dining table but an interesting and practical table accessory that has many uses. Apart from complementing your tablecloth, a dining table runner provides great protection from heat, spills, and moisture while allowing your table to stay as immaculate as possible. This stylish and long piece of fabric comes in trendy designs, attractive colors, and varying sizes making it easy to spruce up the look of your tables without concealing all of its beauty.

If you wish to create a distinctive tablescape with flowy drapes to add class and sophistication to your simple setting, then check out our chiffon, satin, or cheesecloth table runners, otherwise, for a trendy and stylish look, our silver or gold maple leaf table runners would be the best pick. Whether you want to beautify your bare table with a short table runner or would like to pair it with your tablecloth, this luxurious table accent will surely grab everyone’s attention while dining.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Table Runner?

Undoubtedly, table runners are not only used to shield your tables from spills but they also add character and a lavish look to your tablescape while taking your overall setting to a scale above. If you are looking for some other options to define and divide your tables without compromising on style and class then worry not as at efavormart, we have a practical, easy and economical substitute that will bring the same dramatic effect to your simple and bare tables.

Flower Garlands

Giving a touch of natural beauty to your table décor always brings life, color, and texture to your otherwise ordinary tables. Flower garlands and vines are the best substitutes for table runners as these visually appealing floral chains are easily bendable and adjustable to any shape and can be reused several times on various occasions. Check out our enchanting variety of Eucalyptus flower garlands, frosted green leaf garlands, and LED rose flower garlands to pick and choose from as per your décor style to add interesting and refreshing details to your tables.    

Can A Table Runner Be Shorter Than The Table?

As table runners come in various designs, styles, and sizes, there is no rule of thumb when it comes to the length of the runner but just a matter of your décor aesthetics and personal preferences.  It is recommended to use a small table runner approximately one-third the length of the table if you wish to highlight your centerpiece and keep the décor minimalistic yet prominent. For a dramatic flair, long draping runners like our organza and chiffon table runners are the best picks to add a dreamy aspect to your tablescape. However, if you wish to add a rustic splash to your plain tablecloths then check out our wide range of burlap table runners for a lovely idyllic touch.

Whether you want to upscale the look of your dining table or add a seasonal flair to the table in your foyer, carefully chosen table runners will surely create a delightful table decoration.

As you’ve learned by now, a table runner is a practical table accessory for everyday use and a must-have for special occasions when you need to give a regal touch to your tables. Which of our table runners you will be ordering to enhance your tablescape? Do let us know in the comment section below.