Spring Cleaning! A New eFavorMart blog look!

Spring Cleaning! A New eFavorMart blog look!



Even the most elegant wedding venue can get a fresh new look and transformation, whether with remodeling or the right wedding decorations. We’re getting a head start with the spring cleaning of the eFavorMart.com blog. As you can see things look a little different around here, with a full remodeling and a few “wedding decorations” when it comes to fun and cute touches in the look of the blog.

eFavorMart.com is ready more than ever to help you with your wedding transformation. The venue you’re looking at may be full of a lot of potential, maybe even history that means something important to the couple during the ceremony. As much inspiration that there is in the location, you too, may need a spring cleaning.

Don’t like the…

  • Chairs? Chair covers and sashes will give you the color you want, texture or even just flair.
  • Lighting? Your only options aren’t just what are installed. Bring in lights for the occasion, like paper lanterns, that are easy to set up, or enhance the lights already there with the right decorations. Mirrors will reflect the existing light, adding soft lighting to the room. Acrylic chains and drops will light up when placed near a light source.

When you’re looking to redo your wedding venue location, don’t forget eFavorMart.com is here to help! What sort of locations have you looked at to hold your wedding?