Spring Wedding Planning Checklist: Everything You Need to Know

Spring Wedding Planning Checklist: Everything You Need to Know


As spring officially kicks off and the warmer weather begins to bloom, it’s likely you are busy planning your dream wedding. With the help of this comprehensive wedding planning checklist, the process will be much easier! From selecting a theme and color palette to picking vendors and choosing the perfect spring wedding decorations – we have all of your bases covered.

Whether you’re a bride-to-be or an expert wedding planner, this checklist is designed to walk you through everything needed for an amazing special day that you will always remember. So get ready to make some memories! Let's dive in by exploring what getting married during the spring season means for couples and how best to prepare for such an important event.

1. Start By Booking Your Venue

    The first step for any spring wedding is deciding on a venue. If you want to be outdoors, you will need to consider things such as rain plans or sunshade solutions since the weather can be unpredictable in the spring, so you may want to have a backup plan for inclement weather. If you’d rather stay indoors, then determine which spaces are available and decide if they are suitable for your needs. Make sure to keep an eye out for areas with beautiful wedding decorations like floral arrangements and spring centerpieces.

    spring wedding decor

    2. Set Your Theme And Color Scheme

    Planning the perfect outdoor wedding is easier said than done, but deciding on a spring-inspired theme can provide both couples and their guests with a delightful outdoor experience. Whether it’s an outdoor garden party or a dazzling spring fling, there is no shortage of outdoor wedding ideas to get you inspired. Consider adding seasonal touches to make lasting memories, such as flower garlands that bring the outdoor atmosphere inside. From scenic backdrops to the magical combination of gentle sunshine, long days, and vibrant colors, outdoor weddings provide a unique opportunity to get creative with your spring wedding decorations. So, set the tone for your wedding with a memorable and cheerful spring-inspired theme and color palette.

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     3.  Choose Your Vendors & Suppliers

    Next, you will need to select vendors and suppliers. This includes everything from photographers to caterers and florists! Take some time to do your research and find someone whose style you love. However, if you’re up for a challenge and want to create your own flower bouquets to add that personal touch to your big day, eFavormart is your go-to place for premium-quality artificial flowers. From real-touch silk roses, peonies, and daisies to carnations, chrysanthemums, and tulips, we’ve got them all! Plus, they won’t even wilt away after the festivities are over! Additionally, consider the spring season when making decisions about the wedding cake, menu, and dress style.

    spring wedding flowers

    4. Plan Spring Wedding Decorations

    Spring is all about natural elements so incorporate those into your design and let the beauty of nature be part of your wedding. For a classic spring wedding look, backdrop stands are ideal to make a backdrop area with lots of possibilities. Think cascading green foliage, a beautiful wishing well set-up, or even a garden wedding arch for an ethereal backdrop. Marquee letters and candelabra can make for a fun addition and create a huge statement at your reception. Moreover, if outdoor tents or drapes are necessary due to weather conditions, then use this opportunity to hang colorful blooms or twinkling string lights inside as an extra decorative touch. Spring weddings should be an ode to love and the beauty of nature! Use seasonal decorations to bring out your inner romanticism and evoke a sense of joy and serenity.

    spring wedding arch decor

    5.  Choose Your Flowers

    Flowers are a key part of any wedding decor, so take some time to choose the right ones for your big day. Spring flowers are typically very colorful, so be sure to coordinate with your other wedding details accordingly. However, if you don't want real flowers or plants in the decorations, then think about faux ones as an alternative. Browse through the many varieties of artificial flowers available at our online store now — you won't even be able to tell the difference!

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    6. Have A Backup Plan

    Managing the logistics of spring weddings can be quite challenging due to weather conditions and other factors. For outdoor spring weddings, it’s important to have a backup plan in case of rain or other inclement weather. Consider spring decorations that are weather-resistant and make sure there is an area set up for guests to take shelter if needed. For spring-themed décor, opt for materials that won’t be affected by the weather such as wood furniture, artificial flowers, and waterproof linens or clear plastic tablecloths to cover the tables.

    outdoor spring wedding

    7. Shop For Accessories

    If you’re dreaming of a gorgeous spring wedding, accessories are the perfect way to bring your vision to life. Throw simple centerpieces and tablecloths on your tables, liven up your chairs with sashes and chair covers, have some fun with balloons, and bring in some beautiful flower garlands — all those special extras will come together to make the perfect ambiance. Don’t forget the small things either, like cake cutters and wedding party favors that are specially chosen to suit your style! With all of these lovely additions, you can create an amazing event that will show off who you are as a couple.

    spring wedding chairs

    8.  Choose Your Bridal Party            

    One of the fun parts of wedding planning is choosing who will stand by your side on your big day. It is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge important people in your life. You might choose best friends you've known since grade school or even family members like siblings and cousins, who’ve seen you through thick and thin. Think of all the ways that these special people have had your back; it's a great chance to thank them for their support. Not only do you get to spend an extra-special day with those close to you, but you also get bonus points for an A+ wedding team!

    bridal party

    9.  Pick Out Your Dress

    Of course, no bride is complete without her dress! Take some time to try on different styles and find the one that makes you feel like a million bucks. As you pick out your dress, consider your reception decorations. Talk to your bridal boutique consultant and they can help guide you toward styles that complement your spring wedding décor. Keep in mind that ordering a dress can often take some time, so make sure to purchase your gown as early as possible so there is plenty of time for production and shipping.

    bridal dresses

    10.  Plan Your Menu

    Since the food is notably one of the most important parts of any wedding, a spring menu full of delicious and nourishing dishes will be sure to create an amazing experience on your special day. Work with a caterer or chef to come up with a menu that will tantalize your guests' taste buds. Be sure to take into account any dietary restrictions that guests may have. Also, choose floral dinnerware and foliage napkins to enhance your spring wedding decorations up a notch.

    spring wedding table decor

    11. Send Out Invitations  

    Once you have all of the big details planned, it's time to start thinking about invitations. They should be sent out 8 weeks before the wedding date. This will give guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements and RSVP. Include all pertinent information such as the date, time, location, and dress code on the invitations.

    wedding invitations

    There you have it; a spring wedding planning checklist designed to give you peace of mind. Even if you're just beginning to plan, start by creating a checklist like this one and add to it as new details arise. Break those tasks down into manageable chunks that are achievable within your budget and timeframe. Done correctly, this will ensure that everything is taken care of without extra stress. Now that all the key components for making your dream wedding come true have been mentioned, we hope that you feel inspired by these tips and ideas for planning the perfect spring wedding. Our team is here to provide any help necessary in turning your vision for the big day into reality! Let us know what questions you still have in the comments section below so we can try to help out! And finally, please do share with us your thoughts on the post so we can continue providing useful content moving forward – we’d love to hear from you!