How to Safely Host Parties During Covid

Birthday Decoration Party

Parties during Covid, are they safe? As states and counties continue to lift the strict lockdown restrictions and life is returning back to normal with businesses and schools opening up again, you may be wondering if it’s possible to safely host parties during Covid. Although the threat of coronavirus is still very real, many of us are desperate for some meaningful interaction with friends and family to lift up the spirits and we at Efavormart think that it can be done—with plenty of caveats, of course!  With that being said, there isn’t even a sliver of doubt that our celebrations are going to be a whole lot different!

Whether you’re thinking about how to celebrate birthday during covid or you’re planning to host a get together for this year’s Thanksgiving or Christmas party, you will definitely need to rethink every aspect of your celebration to keep everyone safe and healthy. From modified venue settings and social distancing friendly party games and activities to introducing hand sanitizing stations and using disposable serveware, we have rounded up some amazing tips and pointers for you to make your celebrations as safe as they can be while also ensuring that you and your guests have a great time! After all, we all deserve to loosen it up a bit after months of being cooped up inside our home. So, keep on reading and discover creative and safe ideas to throw a successful soiree to end this year on a high note regardless of how many curveballs it has thrown at you!

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Creative Ways To Celebrate Kid's Birthday During Pandemic!

Birthday Decoration

Birthdays are special, and for children, it’s the day they desperately look forward to the whole year, so that they can invite all their friends and have a grand celebration. But as we all are adapting to the new norm of social distancing and isolation, having a grand birthday party doesn’t seem possible and passable.  Celebrating kids birthday party during stay at home order is no fun, but you can still celebrate these joyous moments without letting this pandemic scupper your upcoming birthday celebrations.

It’s time to get creative and celebrate your kids birthday party in a special way so that they remember the fun, no matter what the situation is around. In case you are struggling to come up with some peppy ideas to host your kid’s birthday party at home while keeping everyone’s safety in mind too, you have come to the right place. We have got you covered with our exciting collection of birthday supplies and some fun-filled outdoor birthday party ideas that will surely make everyone around have the most fun and festive time even in the prevailing unprecedented situation. Read on and get entertained as life is too short to miss out such momentous events which spark up our lives in the most positive way.



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A Majestic Dessert Station for Your Royal Princess Party

Birthday Princess Theme Party

Sweet 16 is something all young girls impatiently wait for, after all, it’s a major life milestone for them. Celebrating this new chapter of adulthood with all the glitz and glamor is a pretty big deal and that is why it’s always fun to mark this special birthday by hosting a memorable party. If you’ve been looking for a fancy theme to add an even greater sense of style and grandeur to your shindig, a princess party theme is just what you need to treat the birthday girl like royalty on this very special day. Whether you are taking the reins of organizing a grand princess birthday party or you are planning an extravagant but intimate affair, chances are your princess party set up won’t be complete without a gloriously decorated dessert or candy station. To stylishly elevate your princess party decorations to a whole new level of whimsy, we have set up a magnificent princess themed dessert table featuring gorgeous shades of pink with a glorious splash of gold that will surely win hearts at your royal and fairy tale inspired soiree. Scroll down and see how easy it is to assemble a lavish buffet station that is fit for a princess blossoming into a queen!

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Indoor Festivity Ideas with Efavormart’s Party Supplies

Birthday Decoration Home Decor Party

As the world deals with the reality of a COVID-19 pandemic, many of the spring celebrations and gatherings have been canceled. We know this a stressful time as this dangerous virus has forced our festive spirit to dwindle to a trickle. The topmost priority during these trying times is to tackle this unfortunate outbreak without getting into self-isolation. Just because you’re stuck at home, though doing the responsible thing, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or celebrate any of your upcoming special days, in a very special way. We have mustered up some sensational fun ideas with our posh party supplies to liven up your festive spirit in this time of uncertainty while staying at home. Read on to get inspired by some of our enthralling ideas to celebrate intimate gatherings in the comfort of your home with our party supplies online.
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Royal Ideas for a Pink and Gold Princess Birthday Party!

Birthday Cinderella Theme Princess Theme Party Wedding

Are you planning to surprise your little princess with the perfect pink and gold birthday party? As all girls adore a luscious pink and majestic gold color palette for the décor of their special day, we have selected some impressive ideas by searching the internet to help you recreate a fairytale princess party fit for royalty!

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Adorable Teddy Bear-Themed Baby Boy Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Birthday

If you’re planning to host a baby boy shower for a special mom-to-be, a teddy bear-themed shower could be a brilliant idea as teddy bears and baby showers make a great combination! There are many cute decorating ideas when it comes to the cuddly brown furry creatures being the theme of your party and we have cherry-picked some adorable ones for you!

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An Elegant and Serene Swan-Themed Décor for a Magical Party

Birthday Centerpiece Decoration

Every party starts with a bit of inspiration and if you’re looking forward to add a serene atmosphere to your little girl’s birthday or perhaps a bridal shower, a swan themed-décor will surely have your guests swooned over.  In addition to their grace and beauty, swans are a symbol of love, purity, and peace. Hence, it is a wonderful idea to incorporate a swan-theme into your party’s décor and we have cherry-picked some beautiful ideas for you to create a stunning décor with a subtle color palette.

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Décor Ideas for a Starry Celebration

Baby Shower Birthday

If you’re looking for a unique yet simple party theme for your event, we know that it’s not easy to find one let alone putting it together for your décor. Planning your little boy or girl’s birthday or a baby shower that’s a little more out-of-the-box is doable with just a little imagination and some good inspiration. Since stars, moons and golden/silver hues are great gender-neutral elements for a party décor, we have put together some ideas for a ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ themed party décor to get your creativity flowing. From creating a gorgeous backdrop to setting up a fabulous tablescape and centerpieces, this guide will help you throw a magical and starry party.

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