New Arrivals: Perfect Picnic Checkered Polyester

eFavorMart News Featured New Item Showcase

  Welcoming a newcomer to our line of products today, the Perfect Picnic Checkered Polyester! You’ve seen this pattern on classic picnic tables and country themed events and now you can use it for your events! Although this is a classic style, we decided to update it with a modern flair, these tablecloths are made with a heavy polyester to withstand use over and over again! Plan your spring picnic events today with these lovely checkered tablecloths! Check out our entire collection!

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Class up Your Event from Tables to Ceilings with Centerpiece Chandeliers

eFavorMart News Savvy Shopping

Decorating your event can make your guests feel like they’ve been transported from real life to a wondrous fairytale kingdom.  With so many options of decorating supplies, it’s often daunting and hard to decide how to really take your event to the next level. Centerpieces and cake stands are wonderful supplies to make your table stand out, but what about walls, doorways, and even ceilings? When it comes to mounted ceiling fixtures, there really isn’t much you can do to change them. Depending on the venue for your event, whatever is on the ceiling is permanent, leaving you with very...

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Tips for Eating Healthy at Parties This Holiday Season

eFavorMart News Holiday Ideas

Let’s face it; eating healthy around the holidays is not easy. So many parties, get-togethers and other events can allow the extra pounds to sneak on. Prepping party favor bags with nutritious treats and bringing them to a party is one great way to stay on track. Here are some other great ways to stay health focused this holiday party season: Eat a big meal before you head out to the party. Make yourself a big salad with a lot of vegetables. Throw some chicken breast or hardboiled egg in for protein. This way you are full when arriving at...

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How to Save with the Latest eFavorMart Deals

eFavorMart News Savvy Shopping

Here at eFavorMart, we’re not just helping to plan weddings, birthdays, and parties. We’re looking to make friends, build relationships, and really get to know our customers. Many of our favorite customers are the ones who take advantage of our great offers. If you want to be “in the know” like some of the savvy eFavorMart customers, here’s the best ways to save on all the best deals: Like Us on Facebook to find out first thing when there are deals to be had! You can also see what other people have posted and bought and how they’ve saved money....

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