6 Reasons to Consider Giant Paper Flowers

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Peony season is yet to come but you can’t wait for your favorite blooms any longer? Or, maybe, DIY flowers are not your strong suit? Meet our breathtaking collection of giant paper florals and reasons why they’ll definitely steal your heart. Trendy & Almost Real Still consider faux flowers to be tacky and old-fashioned? Believe it or not, craft botanicals are all the rage in our era of eco-friendly décor. Giant paper peonies and carnations, like the ones below, are no different. Their gorgeous layers of fluffed petals mimic the natural construction of real beholders. If they weren’t 12-20 inches,...

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These April Fools’ Day Pranks Will Make Your Easter Brunch

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This year, Easter and April Fools’ Day happen to collide on the same day. Honestly, it’s a rare coincidence with the last one being 69 years ago. Either way, don’t miss a chance to pull a few funny pranks on kids and guests. No ideas? Check out our picks and let them spark your fantasy. See what you bite on!  (Source Image) No Easter brunch is complete without treats. Make this delicious tradition work for your Easter-Fools’-Day gigs. Fake chocolate eggs Get rid of unhealthy habit of consuming tons of chocolate at Easter. Unwrap real chocolate eggs and wrap each...

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