Cool Summer Decorations To Feel The First Dip Of Summers!

Summer summer decorations

The sweet summertime is all set to make you cheer and excite, be it the colorful exhibition of lively blooms swaying in the summer wind, spending tranquil evenings in the woods under the clear blue sky, or staying cool by the poolside. Bring the shades and moods of summertime into your humble abodes by giving a refreshing summer home decor and incorporate all the lovely seasonal accents. To help you upgrade your interiors with a colorful and radiant look, we are sharing some of our finest summer decorations ideas for home that will make you feel the first dip of summers in the most enchanting way. So, spread the cheerful vibes of sunny summer season all around your space with some cool summer decorations and breathe life into your ambiance.

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An All American Summer Backyard Picnic Table Set up

Patriotic Summer

There is something about the warm summer season that lifts the spirit and replenishes the soul as you feel the sun on your face and breathe in the fresh air in an open outdoor space. But like all good things, summers must come to an end. Are you not ready to let go of the blissful season just yet? We miss the warmth of the sweet sunshine and the relaxed vibe of summer already! And we couldn’t just let it pass by us without squeezing in an alfresco dinner party with friends and family for a perfect end of summer outdoor picnic experience. With the new season all set to take over anytime now, now is definitely a great time to head out the backdoor for one last outdoor picnic out in the open with idyllic lush green surroundings before the green leaves give way to the gorgeous hues of red, yellow, and orange.

Whether you are up for a BBQ party or you are celebrating any special holiday or occasion, backyard picnics can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be. With that being said, we believe that a beautifully set picnic table is all you need to elevate your backyard bash to a whole new level of classy elegance that too with utmost convenience. Take hold of the opportunity and get ready to be inspired by some charming picnic table decor ideas because we have created a stunning backyard picnic table setup featuring a lovely summer color palette and posh tabletop decorations that ticks all the right boxes. Check out our set up video and read on to find out more about our all American summer picnic table decorations!

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End Summer on a High Note with our Backyard Party Setup

Backyard Party Summer

With the wind slowly changing its course and the air getting crispier by the day, it’s time to welcome the wonders of fall and bid farewell to the sweet summer season. If you’ve been looking for ways to enjoy the warm summer sunshine till it lasts, hosting a one last backyard party is surely a great way to end this delightful season on a high note. Whether it’s a festive holiday, graduation party, a birthday bash, anniversary celebrations, or just a fun get together with friends and family, backyard parties are known to be laid-back and casual, but there is no reason you can’t spruce things up a bit and add a gorgeous refined touch to your backyard party decorations. That being said, a beautifully decorated outdoor space and a lovely tablescape with a drinks bar on the side can set the atmosphere for your backyard bash making it even more special. To elevate your end of summer backyard party decor to a whole new level, we have created a stunning set up that is chic and modern to its core! Are you excited to know more about our backyard party decorations? Check out the photos below and read on to know how we added a dash of glamour and charm to our backyard set up!

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Bring the Coolness of Christmas in July with our Merry Party Ideas!

Christmas Home Decor Party Summer

Combining the sensation of sunny summer season with cool Christmas flair is what makes Christmas In July perhaps the most sought after and enjoyable event of the year. One of the best things about this occasion is that you get to enjoy all the amazing things about winter and summer in one go, and get to celebrate your favorite holiday not once, but twice! We love to celebrate Christmas in July! However, as many of the traditional summer vacation activities aren’t taking place or are looking a lot different from what we are used to amidst the virus outbreak. Why not put on a Christmas in July pandemic party to freshen things up a bit at home? This can be an excellent opportunity to create some candid memories in this most unusual of summers.

If you haven’t yet celebrated Christmas in July, you are in for a treat. Though this holiday has been around for over 80 years, originating in North Carolina at a summer camp, not many of us get to celebrate it with the festive merriment that this holiday demands. To give you an early festive kick we have rounded up some of the most festive Christmas in July party ideas, at a time when there aren’t too many holidays being celebrated. Read on to find some cool ways to celebrate Christmas in July by staying home and satisfy your craving for cooler weather and holiday cheer during the hottest month of the year.

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A Whimsical Backyard Picnic Setup to Swing into summer

Picnic Summer

With the sun shining at its brightest and the birds twittering around, the sweet summer season is on its peak! So now's the perfect time to get outside, bask in the afternoon sun, and cherish all the things this beautiful season has to offer. And there is no better way to do that than having a picnic to make some great memories that will surely last a lifetime. Even though venturing into the great outdoors is not really an option right now, alfresco dining and a good old summer picnic in your very own backyard is certainly not off the table. Have you been longing for a day under the blue sky after being cooped up inside your home for almost the entire spring? We had been yearning for it too, so we mustered up a wonderful and elegant picnic setup by the backyard pool to shake off those gloomy quarantine blues. Read on and discover how exactly we managed to pull off a fascinating picnic spread while still following all the recommended safety precautions.

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A Refreshing Tablescape for a Cheerful Summer Garden Party

Artificial Plants Backyard Decoration Party Summer

Summer is on its way! With sunny afternoons by the pool and balmy evenings under the stars, summer is the perfect season to revel in the festive spirit. Soak up the sweet summer sun and enjoy the seasonal bounties by creating a cool backyard partyscape and indulge yourself and your loved ones in a truly refreshing experience. Whether it’s the first BBQ of the season, a picnic, a cookout, birthday party or a family gathering, wow your friends and family by hosting a chic summer garden party. Setting an enticing tablescape is one way to make your summer party memorable for your guests. Summer garden party decorations are the perfect way to show off your creativity and freshen up the festive spirit. Throwing a backyard party may seems like a big challenge, but with some of our top garden party decoration ideas you will end up creating a garden that is  fit for a feast. We decided to setup a lovely summer inspired tablescape that has all cool decorative elements to stylishly exhibit the seasonal sensation. Read on to learn how to throw a garden party and create an oasis for a backyard party where everybody gets the ample amount of joy and sunshine!

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Nordic Style Summer Table Setup

Nordic Style Décor Summer

If you’re looking for a vintage yet minimalist table set up for your summer soiree that is a little less overwhelming to the eyes, a Nordic style presentation can never betray you. A Nordic or Scandinavian table décor echoes the influence of modern style and ties in natural elements to convey the luxurious feel of a unique setup. Even a small gathering can be a special occasion with a thoughtful table setting. That being said, a beautifully set table can add the finishing touches and set the atmosphere for your summer soiree. To take a step further and help you set up your Nordic style table, we have created a simple yet stunning tablescape for any celebration.

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Sprinkle Your Summer with a Cute Ice Cream and Sprinkles Themed Party

Birthday Summer

We all know that some objects seem to carry an intrinsic joy; like bubbles, balloons and ice cream! These simple delights of childhood make children squeal with joy and put a smile on grownups faces too! While pool parties are definitely a summer staple for social events, ice cream and sprinkles make the most brilliant and delicious party theme for children and adults alike. To save you from the hassle of spending countless hours surfing the internet in search of ideas for your ice cream and sprinkles themed party, we’ve put together a list of everything you will need to host...

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