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Stunning Ideas for a Magical Unicorn Birthday Party

Birthday Unicorn Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for your little girl who adores unicorns? Throw her a unique and magical unicorn-themed birthday party to make her fantasies come true! Unicorns are fanciful magical beings of the fantasy world and are often depicted as very cute and colorful creatures that are highly adorned by kids all over the world. There are so many fun-filled ideas for the unicorn-themed party decor and we’ve rounded up our favorite ones to give you a head start on planning your little munchkin’s special day!

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8 Must-Haves for Your Perfect Unicorn Event

Unicorn Birthday Party

  We’re living in the era of unicorns. These cute horse-like creatures can be seen everywhere – on TV, beauty products, Gay Pride marches, B-Day cakes, and T-shirts. Unicorn tattoos and manicures are not uncommon, while Instagram is brimming with colorful selfies with Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccinos. No matter what exactly has triggered that sudden mania, the millennial nostalgia, My Little Pony toys, or celebrities on pool floaties, the unicorn has always been a symbol of innocence and hope. Isn’t that a good reason to celebrate this lovely beast? Below, we’ve rounded up 8 must-haves for your perfect unicorn bash. Source image...

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