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Tips on Throwing an Academy Awards Party

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Heat up the popcorn, pour the wine and transform your home into the ultimate Oscar headquarters. We can’t all be in Hollywood at the Highland theater rubbing elbows with Hollywood elite, but throwing a fun Oscar day bash is the next best thing!  Bust out those Oscar centerpieces and dress your home in its evening best and celebrate the cinematic achievements of this past year!

  • Gold artificial flowers are an excellent idea to create star-studded centerpieces to use at your Oscar party. Consider using artificial flowers around door frames to make your guests feel like they’re on the red carpet.
  • Gold champagne flutes are the only option when it comes to serving bubbly at your Oscar bash!
  • Dress that table up with a gold lamour tablecloth! Everything from your tables to your chairs should look Hollywood worthy. Throwing a red table runner over the tablecloth will give the illusion of a red carpet!
  • At the actual Oscars, attendees are treated to an Oscar dinner. Set place card holders at the table for your guests and make them feel like Hollywood class! To keep up with a formal Oscar theme, require guests to wear their finest.
  • Personalized favors are an excellent item to make your party really stand out! Consider personalized notepads for your guests to write down their prediction on.

With, you’ll be sure to throw an Oscar bash that is worthy of a close up!

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