Transform Your Old Wedding Supplies into Something New


Your wedding came and went, and now you’re left with a random pile of wedding supplies that you’ve rendered useless. Before you throw away or store those favor boxes, personalized napkins, tulle or whatever other wedding supplies you have stockpiled, consider upcycling them into unique decorations for your home! Here are a few creative ideas from eFavormart to reuse those wedding supplies to create something new!

Not sure what to do with all of those table runners you bought for your wedding? Consider upcycling them to create a variety of wonderful things. Table runners can easily be transformed into something  new! We suggest taking that old dresser you have and lining the drawers with the fabric. Not only are you upcycling your wedding supplies, but you’re adding a face-lift to your bedroom furniture.

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If you’re stuck with a surplus of tulle, step away from that trash can! Tulle can be used for a variety of craft projects! You can also use tulle to create whimsical costumes or even decorative wreaths!

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Are you surrounded by personalized napkins? Paper napkins may have no other use than using them at home to clean up, but linen napkins can easily be transformed into a variety of things. Consider upcycling your pile of napkins into decorative throw pillows!


The upcycling possibilities of wedding supplies are endless!  What creative things would you do with your old wedding supplies?