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Trendy Wedding Design Colors for 2013: Part 1

Fun with Favors Party Planning

We love colors! More than anything else when it comes to planning a wedding, colors can change the entire look and feel of an occasion. That’s why we pay so much attention to those with a real eye on the trends of color, Pantone. The forecast for the rest of this year looks down to earth, making your choices simple.

Seal Brown and Deep Mahogany

We see these brown tones as likely accents for many parties in 2013. Seal brown font choices against an off white, natural paper back for your invitations, decorated with chocolate brown roses. Think homemade truffles nestled in dark mahogany favor boxes.

Mauve Wine

Do we even need to say it? Wine bottle shaped invitations to your bridal shower or bachelorette party in this sensual color will be a sophisticated way to say – let’s go out and party! A rich mauve ribbon belt for your bridesmaids dresses to match mauve roses and irises.

Neutral Gray

Neutral it may be, but gray is your perfect match maker. This smokey shade will play with your other richer tones, while remaining elegant for your event. The neutral tone also lets you keep your earthy feel, making gray tablecloths a perfect complement to a rich brown table setting, wood serving plates and a living centerpiece.

What colors do you look forward to using in the coming months? Any crazy colors you’re looking forward to trying?

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