What Are Some Good Valentines Crafts?


The best gifts are definitely those which come directly from the bottom of the heart, and there’s no better option than a Valentine’s Day gift to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Every year, you probably have a fancy dinner at your favorite restaurant or enjoy a date night indoors, but this year turn on your imagination and keep your hands busy creating some lovely Valentine’s Day DIY crafts. Undoubtedly, Valentine’s Day is just the perfect holiday for all craft lovers as it calls for a lot of DIY crafting adventures. With the most romantic holiday of the year being just around the corner, you would absolutely want your home to be decked up with all the festive and dreamy accents but while there are tons of Valentine’s Day decorations to buy, nothing speaks your heart out better than homemade crafts. Another fun fact about these easy to make crafts are that they not only serve as a festive Valentine’s Day decoration piece but also work as the most thoughtful gifts for your special one. Now, that you’ve finally decided to surprise your loved one with DIY crafts, you must be thinking what are some good Valentine’s crafts? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Gather all your crafting supplies and keep scrolling for the most fun-filled and creative Valentine’s Day DIY crafts.

Kindle The Love With Glittery Jars!

Kindle The Love With Glittery Jars!

It’s no secret that mason jars are one of those small yet extremely useful accents that make a huge impact and nothing can beat their utility and versatility. Add to the romantic charm of your Valentine’s Day celebration and go the extra mile by decorating a mason jar with all the adorable accessories. As Valentine’s Day is all about the sparkles of love, make sure you accentuate your mason jar with all that is glittery and shimmery. You can either stick heart shaped glitter sheet cutouts over your glass mason jar or simply apply some glue and sprinkle tons of glitter over it for a dazzling appeal. After you are done decorating the exterior, don’t miss out on adding a warm and romantic glow to your jars by inserting string lights or any of your favorite battery operated candles. These glowing jars will not only set the romantic mood by hanging by your windows but will also seamlessly do the job of a sparkly giveaway for your loved ones on this festive holiday celebration.

Hearty Picture Spot!

You would definitely want the lovely memories from Valentine’s Day to last a lifetime so why not get on the crafting spirit and create a heart shaped photo booth. Gear up to transform your simple wall into a perfect Valentine-inspired photo booth spot where you can capture all the intimate moments in a romantic frame. Shop for your favorite balloons from our wide range of party balloons and bring in all the pink and red for a Valentine-themed booth setup. Start by inflating all the balloons using our easy-to-use electric balloon pump and make sure you inflate equal amounts of red and pink colored balloons for a synchronized balloon garland. Stick all the balloons to your wall with the help of balloon tape, depicting the shape of a heart. Trust us, this Valentine’s Day decoration will take the romance up several notches on the day of love and will help you engrave beautiful memories with all the flair and flourish.

Surprise Your Valentine With Stunning Succulents!

While your partner would appreciate the usual flower bouquets and a yummy box of chocolates, there are definitely several other unique ways to express your endearing love for them and a DIY succulent craft is certainly one of them. Create a fantabulous succulent-inspired Valentine’s Day craft by using our top notch supplies and blending in some of your personal thoughtfulness. Opt for your favorite assorted succulents from our wonderful collection of faux succulents and rather than separately placing each of them in pots, arrange your assorted succulent plants in a wooden planter. Trust us, this mix and match of artificial succulents will make your partner fall in love with your innovation. To further beautify your accent piece, exude an enchanting glow by lighting our succulent tea light candles. All you need to do is place them in the leftover spaces in your succulent-filled planter box as this will irradiate your décor accent in the most beautiful way. Also, tie our sleek satin ribbon over your planter for some shiny finishing touches. This succulent craft is definitely going to turn out as the best Valentine’s Day gift as it symbolizes your unconditional love which will prosper even in the hardest of times and will stand every trial and calamity.


Whether you choose to keep these DIY crafts as special keepsakes until next Valentine’s Day or you give them to your loved ones as gifts from the heart, these craft inspirations are bound to make your partner feel extra-special. Make sure you tell us about your Valentine’s Day ideas in the comments section below.